Beauty Lash Tinting Kit for Brows & Lashes Review

BeautyLash Sensitive Lash and Brow Tinting Kit Review

My mum ever let me pluck my brows into oblivion as a teen so I am lucky to have a decent amount of brow left in my 30s.  They are naturally fairly dark and thick and need constant waxing/plucking.  But I still get random light hairs in them and my lashes are lighter at the […]

Zoella Cosmos Holiday Collection & Giveaway

Zoella Cosmos Holiday Collection Review

“Oooh Shiny” was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I opened these new Zoella Cosmos Holiday goodies.  I tried out the Reach for the Moon handcream and Milky Way Bath Milk Powder.  Both come in a light vanilla peppermint scent while the rest of the collection is inspired by creamy mint […]

So…? Fragrance Body Mists in Watermelon & Rose Petals

So... Fragrance Body Spray in Watermelon and Rose Petals Reviews

I tried a few So…? body mists last year and was quite surprised by the scents for the price tag.  They retail for around $5 and are available from quite a few stores as well as FarleyCo Beauty.  Overall, I think I prefer the sweeter scents I tried earlier but that is just a lot […]

Perspirex Plus Review

Perspirex Plus Roll On Antiperspirant Review

If you deal with excessive sweating, a summer like the one we are “enjoying” is not exactly fun.  Dripping while wearing sleeveless tops or wet look armpits in lighter colours is far from attractive.  So I tried out Perspirex Plus.  It is a long wear antiperspirant that can reduce excessive perspiration and odour for five […]

Zoella Splash Botanics Review – Now In Canada

Zoella Splash Collection Canada Review - Drench and Quench Me

If you watch Zoella, you will know that she recently expanded her beauty line with the Splash Botanics collection.  This is meant to be a fresh scented line perfect for the warmer weather.  As always, we got it a little later in Canada so not quite the summer collection it was in the UK.  The […]

Purple Tree Pomegranate Miracle Balm Review

Purple Tree Pomegranate Miracle Balm Review

Purple Tree Pomegranate Miracle Balm is an interesting product.  Meant to be an all in one product for soothing, reviving and moisturizing lips, skin, nails and cuticles.  You can even use it to tame and eyebrows or make your lashes look longer!  It is petroleum based with pomegranate oil which has three times as many antioxidants […]

COLAB Paradise Dry Shampoo Review

COLAB Paradise Dry Shampoo Review Canada

I like to pretend I only use dry shampoo in winter when the mornings are dark and getting up early to straighten seems like too much.  But summer is too hot for styling and I don’t have hair you can air dry.  So yeah, dry shampoo is a must have.  Because who wants to be […]

MAN’STUFF By Technic Man Can Giveaway For Father’s Day

FarleyCo ManStuff Man Can Giveaway - Header

Father’s Day is just around the corner and while you may have already bought gifts, I am sharing some reviews of stuff for him this week.   I am kicking that off with a giveaway sponsored by FarleyCo Beauty! FarleyCo carry a range of products in Canada.  You likely know of EcoTools, 7th Heaven, Real Techniques […]

Flexitol Lip Balm Review

Flexitol Lip Balm Reviews

As I mentioned in my recent Lipivir review, my lips get really dry and need regular exfoliating and moisturizing.  A simple lip balm or moisturizing lipstick is not enough, especially if I wear mattes or am out in the wind.  One of the few lip balms I have actually been impressed with is Flexitol Lip […]