Life Brand Nourishing Hand Mask Review

Life Brand Nourishing Hand Mask Review Canada 1 (2)

I love a good hand mask. My hands get really dry and that is not helped by acetone use for swatching and constant washing. I usually buy my hand masks online but picked up some from Shoppers Drug Mart to try. Life Brand Nourishing Hand Masks are usually $4.99 but seem to be on sale a lot and I paid $2.99 for mine. They are Shea Butter and Avocado Oil based and come with a sealed pair of gloves.

Life Brand Nourishing Hand Masks Ingredients & Instructions

Life Brand Nourishing Hand Mask Review Canada Ingredients

Thoroughly cleanse and dry hands. Open packet, remove and unfold gloves. Separate gloves by carefully cutting along the centre seam. Carefully place hands in gloves without tearing. Leave on for 15 – 20 minutes while massaging hands to help absorb the moisturizing lotion. Remove hands from gloves and massage in any excess liquid. Let dry.

Life Brand Nourishing Hand Masks Review

Life Brand Nourishing Hand Mask Review

It is not super cold here and they sat in room temperature for a good 24 hours before I used them but the lotion in them had solidified in the palm area. I really needed to work it to get lotion into the fingers, even as it warmed up on my skin. Unlike many gloves, you need to actually cut them apart too rather than rip them on a perforated line.

The gloves are decent but do not have a lot of stretch. I have chubby hands and they were roomy enough but I did get a hole between the thumb and index finger from using my hands while wearing them. They are not advertised as being touch screen friendly but I could click and swipe in them, typing was a no though.

The gloves have enough serum that there is some left to massage into your hands at the end but not so much they feel soaking wet the whole time. They left my hands feeling moisturized but not like some hand masks that are an intensive moisturizer. Probably best for people with normal skin rather than really dry skin on their hands. But great that they have them at Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up while shopping in store and at an affordable price.


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