Keep Your Feet Cool With Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill

Avon Footworks Pineapple Chill Trio

Foot Works Pineapple Chill Trio

After a day of moving, I am exhausted and my feet are killing me.  I have been walking up and down stairs with furniture, books, other belongings (and a lot of makeup) and just want to curl up and sleep for a week.  I know I will regret not taking care of the aches and pains in the morning so after a nice long shower I turned to Avon Foot Works for my tired and hot feet.

They have a new scent out, Pineapple Chill.  Most foot products, especially cooling ones, are peppermint and he hates strong minty scents.  Since he did most of the heavy lifting today, I doubt he would be impressed if I started spraying it near him so this collection was appreciated.  The new scent still has a little zing to with as the pineapple is mixed with lime to give you that cool breeze feeling and smell.

I fell in love with Foot Works years ago when I discovered their old formula of Milky Foot Soak.  The new one bubbles more and is less milky.  Still works at moisturizing and relaxing the feet, but I wish they would bring back that old one.  So I started with a 10 minute soak on my new balcony using my inflatable foot soak bath since I have no clue which box my stuff is hiding in.  Then turned to the new collection to finish my foot routine.

Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill Exfoliating Scrub

Foot Works Pineapple Chill Exfoliating Foot Scrub

With the warmer weather over the past few weeks, I have been barefoot or in sandals.  Given the renovations, decorating and packing/moving, they have not had the TLC they need to be in public view.  Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill Exfoliating Scrub has a light scent and barely feels like a foot scrub – until you start rubbing it on your feet.  It gently sweeps away dry, rough skin, leaving your feet feeling smooth and conditioned.

Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill Cooling Lotion

Foot Works Pineapple Chill Cooling Foot Lotion

No matter how gentle, any exfoliating should be followed up with some moisture and Avon’s Foot Works Pineapple Chill Cooling Lotion was perfect.  It was soothing but absorbed quickly so I could attempt to move to put the kettle on for a well deserved cuppa and cooled down my hot feet leaving them moisturized and soft.

Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill Cooling Spray

Foot Works Pineapple Chill Cooling Foot Spray

While I wore sandals (and got a nice bruise on the top of my foot from the corner of a box as a result) he was wearing his work boots because they are worn in and comfy.  Needless to say, after a day of heavy lifting, they do not smell all that great.  Avon’s Foot Works Pineapple Chill Cooling Spray was not only great to top up the cooling sensation on the feet, but deodorized his shoes too!

All three Pineapple Chill products will be available in July for just $8 each.  Ask your Avon representative for details or watch the Foot Works section of Avon’s website to order online.

Disclosure: This post includes press samples, but all opinions are my own.

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