So…? Fragrance Body Mists in Watermelon & Rose Petals

So... Fragrance Body Spray in Watermelon and Rose Petals Reviews

I tried a few So…? body mists last year and was quite surprised by the scents for the price tag.  They retail for around $5 and are available from quite a few stores as well as FarleyCo Beauty.  Overall, I think I prefer the sweeter scents I tried earlier but that is just a lot of personal preference.

Rose Petals Body Mist by So…? Fragrance

So... Fragrance Body Spray in Rose Petals Review

So…? Rose Petals body mist opens up with a bouquet of pink and white roses, before settling on a bed of lily of the valley. For an irresistibly romantic and feminine scent.

So…? Rose Petals body mist surprised me.  I think I was expecting more of that typical “cheaper” rose scent.  But the lily of the valley rounds it out to a nice feminine scent.  It is not as strong as some of the other So…? scents I have tried which is nice too since I find rose type scents can be a bit much.  It has a powdery scent to it that just makes it more wearable for me.  Unlike some of the others, the scent right out of the bottle is wearable while others I wait for them to tone down a little and allow the other notes to come out.

Watermelon Body Mist by So…? Fragrance

So... Fragrance Body Spray in Watermelon Reviews

So…? Watermelon body mist opens up with a sparkling blend of watermelon, followed by sweet notes of red berries and apple blossom.

I was expecting to like So…? Watermelon body mist more than Rose Petals.  Since it is a summery sent, I expected a juicier “candy” type watermelon than most body mists go for.  This has a lighter scent mingling with other fruit.  Not that I don’t like it, just not what I was expecting.  This is one of those So…? body mists that you do need to wait a minute to decide if you enjoy the scent.  It goes on pretty harsh but settles nicely to a fruity soft watermelon scent.

So…? body mists can be found at IDA, Pharmasave, Pharmachoice and more.  See a full list here.

So... Fragrance Body Mists Watermelon and Rose Petals PIN

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