So…? Fragrance Body Mist Review

So... Fragrance Body Mist Reviews

So... Fragrance Body Mist Reviews

Perfect for stocking stuffers, So….? Fragrance body mists are under $5 and come in eight scents.  Fruit lovers can choose from Wild Berries, Watermelon or Pink Grapefruit.  Floral fans get White Petals, Rose Petals or Fresh Floral.  Or choose from Musk and Vanilla Milkshake too.   So…? is a teenage staple but have come a long way is reaching out to a wider audience.  The new body mist scents are no match for an expensive perfume, but as far as body mists go, they are fairly true to their name and not overpowering or cheap smelling.

So Sinful Perfume Review with matching nail gradient

I was actually quite impressed with their perfume, So…? Sinful.  For an affordable scent (under $10), it is really good and honestly, I have some $80+ bottles that don’t have the staying power or sophisticated notes of this one.  I am a fan of the musk in this, so my top pick for the body mists was So…? Musk.

So…? Musk Body Mist Review

So... Fragrance Musk Body Mist Review

Not quite the musky scent of the perfume, So…? Musk body mist is also a far cry from the white musk scent you associate with most body mists.  Mixed with bergamot and sandalwood, it manages an almost sweet but powdery musk scent with a hint of spice under it.  It is quite a light scent and with the mix of notes, would suit almost anyone.

So…? Vanilla Milkshake Body Mist Review

So... Fragrance Vanilla Milkshake Body Mist Review

Probably the most true to its name, So…? Vanilla Milkshake body mist has an initial alcohol type scent when sprayed but quickly settles to a creamy vanilla.  This body mist would be great for someone young just getting their first fragrances or as a base for other scents as it is warm and creamy and just cozy for the colder months.  Mixed with a little peach and plum to give it a little oompf, this is also fairly long lasting compared to the other two I tried.

So…? Fresh Berries Body Mist Review

So... Fragrance Wild Berries Body Mist Review

One I thought would be my favourite as I love fruity scents to help me wake up on a dreary dark morning.  So…? Wild Berries body mist has an almost fruity candy scent to it that is a little young and more what I think of when I remember the So… Kiss Me type scents of my youth.  Not sure what candy it reminds me of though. Still a nice scent, just for a slightly younger person than the other two.

These affordable body mists can be picked up at select Uniprix, Guardian, Brunet, Pharmasave, Familiprix, Proxim, Value Drug Mart, Pharma Choice or direct from FarleyCo.

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