My March Empties

March Empties from Tea & Nail Polish

March Empties from Tea & Nail Polish

I always think to myself that I should keep my empties to do an end of month empties post, but our place is tiny and keeping the extra clutter doesn’t make sense.  For March, I put a bag on the inside of my closet to remind me to keep them, so here it is – my first empties post!  I am pretty sure some stuff went in the garbage/recycling despite my intentions but I did remember to keep these.

March Empties – Skincare

March Empties - Skincare

Spoiler alert – I would buy all three of these again if I did not already have replacements for them!

Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel is my go to product, especially in winter.  It removes makeup, doesn’t irritate my skin and leaves my skin clean without drying.  You can’t really go wrong with it since it is hypo-allergenic, non comedogenic, fragrance free, oil free and more.  I was lucky enough to pick up three of these huge bottles on clearance at my local Shoppers Drug Mart so this has already been replaced with another.

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment is one I already reviewed here so I won’t go on about it and no surprise that I am still using it.  It is a light, easily absorbed, non-clogging, oil-free moisturizing gel. This night treatment purifies and balances the skin in the areas you need it most, while delivering essential moisture to the drier areas – a huge difference from my regular thick night creams but works.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum. I originally tried this as part of the Chick Advisor product review club and fell in love.  It has an amazing formula that seems to just work for my skin.  It is creamy but not too heavy, absorbs well and doesn’t pill under makeup.

March Empties - 7th heaven Hot Chocolate Mask

The face mask junkie that I am, I used several masks in March but for some reason only kept one.  I love these Hot Chocolate masks so I am happy that it made the lineup when Montagne Jeunesse rebranded to 7th Heaven.  This chocolate orange mask warms up and has an amazing chocolate orange scent.  Since I have used it for ages, I am sure there will be another one in my future.

Other masks I used include Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot  masks, not because I think they necessarily work that well to remove dark spots (and I don’t expect a one time mask to make a difference) but it gives the right amount of hydration and doesn’t irritate.  Knowing I had an important day, one I had used before was an obvious choice.  I also used the pig character mask from THEFACESHOP, after getting a coupon for a free one.  Not sure I would use that one again, it was cute but The Face Shop carries better masks that work well for my skin.

March Empties – Other Beauty Items

March Empties - Deodorant Dry Shampoo

I went through lots of Lady Speed Stick over the winter after stocking up on it because of a Shoppers Drug Mart rebate offer.  Strawberry is probably my least favourite of the scents and why it was left until last, sweet and fruity smelling sweat is just a little weird.   I would probably buy other scents again, but not this one but am back to my regular deodorant.

I received COLAB Sheer Invisible dry shampoo in New York as part of a Valentine’s promotion with FarleyCo and loved it enough that this can is already empty.  I will probably buy it again, but have a couple of cans of Batiste and a COLAB volume dry shampoo to use up first.  Considering I received this in early February (it is a small can) I used it up fairly quickly as I have been using another in March.

March Empties - Noxzema Spa Shave Razors review

It is rare that I hate an item I try.  Sure, it may not suit your skin type or just not be for you, but there is little in the way that you think “this just sucks” – except for these Noxzema razors.  Shoppers did not have my usual razors and these were on sale, so I picked up a pack thinking I have tried Noxzema before and it is a good price.  The first one did not pivot well and after nicking myself a few times I turned back to my old one that needed to be thrown out but still did a better job.

Next time, thinking the first was just a dud, it was even worse.  The head had no issues pivoting, but it seems to catch and pull the hair instead of cutting.  So much pain and cuts so the other two went in the garbage.  I checked out reviews online and many people found these Spa Shave razors the same.


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