Avon A Box – The Best Of Beauty

Avon A Box The Best of Beauty Fall 2017

Avon A Box The Best of Beauty Fall 2017

Another A Box from Avon and this one is quite similar to the Pro Picks box I shared yesterday.  It contains the same two serums, Anew Ultimate Night Cream, a glimmerstick and lipstick.  If you have not read my reviews of their previous boxes, Avon’s A Box is a bit different than regular subscription boxes.   You know exactly what will be in the box so you can buy the one that suits you.  Some have more skincare while others more makeup.  There was one based on all wine coloured items.

Avon A Box The Best of Beauty Fall 2017 Review

The Best of Beauty A Box from Avon is $49.  A bit too steep for me if it were products I had not tried yet and not as big a discount off the product cost as I would like to see.  These boxes usually come at a large discount when you spend $40 or so in the first magazine they appear in though so jump on them then.

Avon A Box The Best of Beauty Fall 2017 - Best of Beauty Info Card

The Best of Beauty Box includes their best sellers.  So no surprise that some are close to the Pro Picks box with two serums and the glimmerstick in the same shade.  I can understand staying with black liner in these boxes though, it is universal.  The night cream comes from the Ultimate rather than Platinum line and the lipstick was a new addition.

Avon A Box The Best of Beauty Fall 2017 - Best of Beauty Product Card

A product card with full details is always included in Avon A Boxes

Avon A Box – The Best of Beauty Products

Avon A Box The Best of Beauty Fall 2017 - ANEW Serums

I talked about these two serums already.  If you are interested, see it here.  But I have been using the Power Serum in the morning and Vitamin C at night from the last A Box and my skin feels great.

The Blackest Black Glimmerstick is also a double so I won’t bore you with how much I love Avon’s Glimmersticks.  They stay on my waterline, come in great shades and go on sale often.  If you don’t try one of these boxes, at least pick one up to try.  Just keep them in a cool place as they are fairly soft and can break.

Avon A Box The Best of Beauty Fall 2017 - ANEW Night Cream

The ANEW Platinum line is suited to colder skin to firm and moisturize.  I actually loved it in the Pro Picks box but despite the ANEW Ultimate Night Cream being more suited to my skin, I don’t see a huge difference in it compared to Platinum.  Still left my skin feeling great, no breakouts so far.  My skin is soft and it doesn’t feel greasy.  But both lines carry large price tags and unless on sale, I think I would go for one of the bigger skincare brands at those price-points.  That being said, Avon cycles sales on skincare, so you can always pick them up at a decent price.

Avon A Box The Best of Beauty Fall 2017 - Lipstick in Cherry Jubilee

Avon True Color lipstick in Cherry Jubilee is not as dark as it looks in the bullet.  It somehow manages bright and deep/dark at the same time.  The colour of actual cherries rather than the more cherry red-pink you get in many makeup lines.   Not sure if it suits my skintone and a bit dark while my brain is still in summer makeup mode but applies beautifully even without a liner.

Is The Best of Beauty A Box Worth It?

Overall, I think I prefer the Pro Picks A Box over the Best of Beauty one.  More worth it based on what I would use personally.  But like most subscription boxes, it is a lot of personal preference.  I do love that you know what is in these before buying though.  For $10 with a minimum purchase from the catalogue like the current box, I would certainly pick it up for the serums alone.

Avon A Bos - The Best of Beauty ABox - Avon's Bestsellers


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