Redeeming Your DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Rewards

Redeeming DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Rewards FAQ

Redeeming DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Rewards FAQ

With the changing board at DAVIDsTEA we may see changes to their Frequent Steeper program, but in the mean time, it is almost redemption time.  Each quarter, you can redeem your DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper points.  They usually show as rewards around the 4th of the month following the earning quarter and are valid for 60 days.  If you don’t use them, the rewards do expire so be sure to keep an eye on your account.

Unlike many programs, DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper points do not offer rewards as you get to 100 points.  Instead, points accumulate through the quarter and are rewarded early in the month following.  You can only redeem points for loose tea, but you earn them on pretty much everything sold.

DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Earning Periods:

You can redeem your DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper points each quarter.  Every 100 points ($100 spent) you earn is turned into a reward for 50g/2oz of teas worth up to $19.  You can earn multiple rewards in an earning period.  You can also redeem them in multiple transactions if you earn more than one.  If you have points left over after being turned into rewards, they roll over into the next quarter except at the end of the year when they are offered as a free tea redemption (valid in store only).

  • January, February and/or March earnings can be redeemed in April or May.
  • April, May and/or June earnings can be redeemed in July or August
  • July, August and/or September earnings can be redeemed in October or November
  • October, November and/or December earnings can be redeemed in January or February.

If you have a points balance and don’t shop for a few months, they will carry over  until December or you reach 100 points to redeem.  If you are close to an additional reward in December, it is usually worth spending to get a free bag of tea unless you get to-go teas often.

Understanding DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Rewards

What Teas To Get With DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper Rewards?

DAVIDsTEA changed the program a while back to give a maximum value of $19 on rewards.  It is unfortunate if you usually buy teas that cost more than that, but it makes sense that they have to put a limit on rewards.  You also cannot redeem on tea ware or other non tea items.  Rewards can be made online or in store for 50g (Canada) or 2oz (US).

So what teas should you get with your points?  Some people like to go for maximum value but for me, it is usually an extra bag of my favourite teas.  I tend not to try new teas with my points as it is a waste if I don’t love them so I grab a small tester bag in store first then go back if I love it.  Honestly, I see just going for max value as a waste unless you love the tea.  Go for something you actually want.

To redeem, simply scan your DAVIDsTEA Frequent Steeper card at the store, give them your email address or if shopping online, hit redeem under the message saying you have a reward.

What Teas Are Excluded From Frequent Steeper Redemptions?

ME to WE teas are excluded as the proceeds go towards their charities.  As well, the redemptions have a maximum value of $19.  That means that some premium teas and matcha varieties are excluded.  These currently include

  • Grand Cru Matcha
  • Butterfly Jasmine
  • Bai Hao Yin Zhen
  • Organic Gyokuro Yamashiro
  • Organic Ruby Oolong (my favourite)
  • Sun Moon Black
  • Zomba Pearls
  • Organic Zen Pearls

Given their huge tea wall, only a small number of teas are excluded from redemptions.  While some Solos and other prepacks are under $19, you still cannot be redeemed with your Frequent Steeper points,  If you are redeeming online and an expensive tea is on sale, it often will still not qualify for redemptions but is worth trying if you love them.

Davidstea Frequent Steeper Redemptions FAQ Exclusions

So what will you be redeeming your Frequent Steeper rewards points for in July?

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  1. Cheryl Grandy says: Reply

    Thanks for explaining the Frequent Steeper rewards program. I like that if you have points left over after being turned into rewards, or if you don’t have enough points to redeem, they roll over into the next quarter.

    1. Yes, it is great as some people can’t get to a store to redeem a free tea reward so those go to waste. But Ontario laws don’t allow points to expire so rolling them over makes the most sense.

  2. The frequent steeper rewards program is a very good program

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