Avon Soap on a Rope in Mesmerize and Black Suede Reviews

Avon Soap on a Rope in Mesmerize and Black Suede Reviews

Avon Soap on a Rope in Mesmerize and Black Suede Reviews

I will admit that when Avon’s Soap on a Rope showed up in my mailbox, my first thought was there is no way that I can blog about these without making a joke about soap on a rope.  So yeah… get that out of the way now.   These actually came in quite useful while my boyfriend is injured.  He can stand in the shower now but needs to use a walker to take his weight and has to shower one handed.  So the rope on these came in so useful for him.  No dropping soap and needing to shout for me to come and get it.  Try fitting a walker in the shower and having room to move or bend.

Avon Soap on a Rope in Black Suede

Avon Black Suede Soap on a Rope Review

Avon’s Black Suede soap on a rope is meant to be a classic blend of woods, greens and the irresistible feeling of leather.  This has a strong soapy “manly” scent that you would expect from a cowboy or something.  Clean, not fussy and masculine.  At the same time it has an almost baby powder base to the soap scent that makes it lighter than the typical Old Spice inspired scent of many men’s soaps.  It is almost cozy smelling like you want to curl up next to him and enjoy the scent.  Quite surprising for an Avon soap, especially one for men.

Avon Black Suede Soap on a Rope Reviews

Both soaps lather well.  The rope was strong enough to hold the soap after multiple uses and you save some soap by it not sitting in water on a soap dish.  Currently priced at $10 each, not sure how many I would actually buy unless on sale.  But they have certainly come in useful while he is injured.

Avon Soap on a Rope in Mesmerize

Avon Mesmerize Soap on a Rope Reviews

Mesmerize soap on a rope by Avon is more soapy smelling than Black Suede.  Mesmerize is blended to be a spicy warm scent with a captivating blend of bergamot, cardamom and woody notes.  While more soapy smelling, it does not have the baby powder base of Black Suede so has a stronger scent.  It has a nice blue colour which matches our bathroom.  Usually I would prefer a spicy scent over the leathery scent of Black Suede but it is a touch too soapy for the spice to come through.

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