Terrah Essentials at Indie Expo Canada 2018

Terrah Essentials at Indie Expo Canada

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While most of us are familiar with the polish brands at Indie Expo Canada, Terrah Essentials is new to me.  So I reached out to Bhie, the mompreneur behind the company to get some more information about them.   Bhie is from the Philippines and a hairstylist with a cosmetology diploma.   She combined her love of beauty, hair care and background in skincare to make Terrah Essentials.

Unlike many of the brands you will find at Indie Expo Canada, Terrah Essentials has a physical store.  So if you fall in love with her products, you can shop in person in Mississauga whenever you want to save on shipping.  Bhie started out making products at home for two years before selling them, so lots of testing goes into her items.

Terrah Essentials products are free of parabens or formaldehyde, sodium sulfate or detergents, GMO, or triclosan.  Plus they are cruelty free!

What to buy from Terrah Essentials at Indie Expo Canada?

Terra Essentials Soaps at Indie Expo Canada

As with most skincare companies, there are always soaps.  Terrah Essentials make a variety of soaps and they often have soap bouquets at expos and craft fairs.

Loofah Soaps Terrah Essentials Mississauga

They will have Loofah soaps at Indie Expo Canada too.  Great for exfoliating as you wash.  Don’t they look like lemons?  Definitely looking forward to trying these out.

Terrah Essentials Skincare at Indie Expo Canada

Terrah Essentials Skincare Indie Expo Canada

Terrah Essentials interested me with an SPF40 moisturizer/day cream.  My pale white skin needs all the protection it can get!  They also have a line of Relief skin care including

  • Daily cleanser wit pink clay and papaya
  • Tea Tree toner
  • Facial Mask (use twice a week)
  • Sleeping Mask for when your skin looks dull or tired
  • Facial Serum

Terrah Relief Daily Cleanser

Terrah Essentials Daily Cleanser is fairly new and will be available at Indie Expo and online shortly after.  They are gentle but can work for most skin types.

Terrah Essentials Pretty Feet Balm

Get pedi perfect for the warmer weather with their Pretty Feet Balm. A mixture of shea butter, oils, tea tree and peppermint will leave your feel looking and smelling great!

Terrah Essentials at Indie Expo Canada

Terrah Essentials has not released a price/item list for Indie Expo Canada.  To give you an idea of what Bhie will be carrying at IEC, this is her typical set up at shows.  A mix of soaps, skin care and hair care.  Plus her Relief line will be released at IEC so expect a little more on the table.

Shop Terrah Essentials

If you can’t make it to Indie Expo Canada or fall in love and need to buy more, you can shop online or in person.  Their store is at 308 Lakeshore Rd E in Mississauga.

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