Simona’s Sweet Skincare – An Adorable Bath & Skincare Bakery

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review

Sometimes, you just need pretty things.  Opening this package of Simona’s Sweet Skincare products, there was much squealing of OMG look at thisss!  Everything in the line is bakery themed, from chocolate massage bars, cupcake bath bombs and macaron lip balms.

Simona’s Sweet Skincare is all dessert-inspired, using flavours instead of fragrances, and mostly food grade ingredients. For those with sensitivities and allergies, you won’t find any preservatives, fragrances, artificial colours, peanut or tree nut oils,GMO ingredients, wheat or gluten, sesame, soy or dairy.  Unless they contain beeswax, they are all vegan friendly too.  Even the packaging is recyclable or reusable while still remaining bakery themed.

I honestly don’t know where to start with this, so I will share their MOMBomb first since it is not yet available and will make its debut at the Mississauga Craftadian show this weekend.

MOMBomb from Simona’s Sweet Skincare

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - MomBomb Review Size

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - MomBomb Review Size

The MOMBomb from Simona’s Sweet Skincare takes bath bomb to a whole new level.  This monster sized strawberry pink bomb weighs over 1lb and is a perfect spa day gift for Mother’s Day.  Priced at $16 it is definitely a treat kind of bath bomb and not my usual relax on the weekend kind of bomb but you can cut it in half and use for multiple baths.  I didn’t because all of the pink bubbly was just what I needed.  Do take the box with you into the bathroom though, I left a trail of sugary dust from the coating!

Yes, my nails match the bomb.  They didn’t, they were silver with the black pattern but I added some pink jelly and the colour was almost perfect!

CakeBomb from Simona’s Sweet Skincare

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - CakeBombs Review

Now, a bath bomb I would use more regularly.  Simona’s Sweet Skincare Cakebombs are priced at $12 for a pack of three.  These are a little different than regular bath bombs.  These bathtime cupcakes allow for soaking and washing!  The “cake” part fizzes away as normal leaving a frosting shaped soap floating in the water to use.  You can pick between the girly pink Strawberry Citrus shown or Chocolate Coconut.

CakeButter from Simona’s Sweet Skincare

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - Strawberry Shortcake Cake Butter Duo 1

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - Strawberry Shortcake Cake Butter Duo 1 Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - Strawberry Shortcake Cake Butter Duo 1

Perfect for gifting in the custom box with ribbon and presented in a beautiful stand and glass cover inside, Simona’s Sweet Skincare CAKEButter Body Butter Duo allows you to have your cupcake and wear it too.  This all natural body butter duo gives you two options.  The frosting is a slightly shimmery pink buttercream that is perfect for after your MOMBomb bath.  Once the frosting is all used up, you have a harder massage bar of body lotion that melts into the skin.  Priced at $18 these make great hostess and housewarming gifts for new neighbours.

COCOABar from Simona’s Sweet Skincare

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - CocoaBar Massage Bar

If you like the idea of the harder body lotion from the CakeButter, you will love this.  Simona’s Sweet Skincare COCOABar is an all natural organic massage bar that is fragrance and preservative free.  It is even safe to use on babies!  After a bath or shower, simply break off a piece of “chocolate” and massage into your skin.  CocoaBars are priced at $14 but two squares was enough for a full lotion after a bath so a little goes a long way.  At 30% cocoa butter, these leave your skin super soft!

Icing Dust from Simona’s Sweet Skincare

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - Icing Dust

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - Icing Dust

A product you don’t see from a lot of other indie skincare companies.  Simona’s Sweet Skincare Icing Dust is a lightly vanilla scented dusting body powder.  Like her other products, safe to use on babies or those with sensitivities and absorbs any moisture from your bath bomb soak to leave your skin silky soft.  At $14 it is probably more than I would pay for body powder, but then we often use it only after washing the litter boxes to make sure the fresh litter doesn’t stick or between full changes so I don’t need a natural organic powder for them to toilet in!  It was super soft on the skin though.

LemonDrop from Simona’s Sweet Skincare

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - Lemon Drops Hand Scrub

OK these made me squeal a little.  Not only because I like lemon drops but my hands and nails take a beating from nail art so I love hand and nail products.  Simona’s Sweet Skincare LEMONdrop hand scrubs are $12 for a jar that keeps them nice and dry.  Each LemonDrop will do two applications and you get 12 in a jar.  Simply wet your hands and scrub the drop over your hands for a minute.  The sugar will exfoliate while the shea butter moisturizes and the Scilian Lemon Oil leaves a fresh scent.  These are going to be part of my manicure soak & treatment going forward, I am absolutely in love with them!

LIKScrub and LIKBalm Lip Products from Simona’s Sweet Skincare

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - LIK lip scrubs and balms

Simona’s Sweet Skincare really covers you from head to toe, well lips to toes.  I didn’t see any haircare products.  But these LIKscrubs and balms will leave your lips kissably soft!

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - LIKscrub lip scrub

LIKscrub from Simona’s Sweet Skincare are two exfoliating macaron-shaped sugar scrubs.  All made with 100% natural and organic food grade ingredients, they are completely lick-safe! Available in lemon, strawberry, grape and mocha.  Simply scrub the little macaron flat side against your lips for a minute then rinse (or lick) off.  Priced at $6 for two scrubs, I have barely made a dent in my first scrub after 6 uses so they last.

Simonas Sweet Skincare Review - LIKbalm macaron lip balms

Once you have scrubbed your lips, add some moisture back with Simona’s Sweet Skincare LIKbalm.  These adorable lip balms come in reusable macaron tins and you get 3 for $24.  Choose three from Strawberry, Lemon. Grape, and Mint.  They are made with all natural and food grade ingredients so are completely safe for your lips.

Want to know more about Simona’s Sweet Skincare?  They are not only pretty looking, Simona worked as a cosmetic & toiletries formulator, so really knows what she is doing.  Since she is a baker with a certificate in Master Cake Decorating, the theme of Simona’s Sweet Skincare was born.  You can check her out on Saturday at the Craftadian Show in Mississauga.  Alternatively, she has displays in the Riverside Arts Market and Toronto Designers Market.  If you are not in the GTA, you can always shop online too.

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