Soy Magnifiscents Mani Love Review

Soy Magnifiscents Mani Love Kit Review - Mani Sand - Mani Silk - Lotion Heart

.Soy Magnifiscents Mani Love Kit Review - Mani Sand - Mani Silk - Lotion Heart

The Mini Mani Kit from Soy Magnifiscents was the non-polish item in my Indie Expo Canada VIP bag that I was most excited to try. My nails and skin have suffered a lot this year with a change in diet and medication so anything that can improve them is worth trying.

Soy Magnifiscents included a full size Mini Mani Kit worth $15US for every VIP attendee. They were in exclusive scents and I received Sasquatch’s Smoothie which was my top pick. It is a fruity scent made with a berry blend of blueberries, cranberries & raspberries with a hint of Rocky Mountain forest (even a Sasquatch needs a bit of fibre in his diet) all on a creamy base.

The Mini Mani Love kits come with a 1oz jar of Mani Sand, 1/2oz jar of Mani Silk and a 1oz Lotion Heart. Shipping to Canada was around $9US for the kit when I checked last week. The products are sold individually or as a bigger Mani Love kit too.

Soy Magnifiscents ManiSand Review

Soy Magnifiscents Mani Love Kit Review Mani Sand

I do love a good scrub but you have to be careful not to over exfoliate cuticles too. It can leave them looking even worse. Soy Magnifiscents Mani Sand is a gentle exfoliator made with baking soda rather than a salt/sugar or (eeep) a microbead exfoliant. It is designed to moisturize and smooth hands and nails at the same time. The whitening properties in Mani Sand help remove stains and yellow buildup on nails. The moisture rich, organic coconut oil conditions skin and nails and massage therapy grade soy wax helps lock moisture in and soften skin.

The difference in my hands in just one use of this is amazing. I had some yellowing & staining on my nails and after three uses, they are looking whiter with the hints of pink stain gone. The baking soda is gentle enough that it doesn’t cause damage, yet you can feel it too. Just use a small amount and massage into the nail and cuticle then rub the excess down your hands and rinse. The scent does last so you might want to pick up the scent free one if you work in a scent free office or around someone with scentsitivities.

Soy Magnifiscents ManiSilk Review

Soy Magnifiscents Mani Love Kit Review Mani Silk

Follow up your ManiSand scrub with Soy Magnifiscents Mani Silk. It is a satin finish, not quite matte for a swatching balm but certainly doesn’t leave a shine in photos either. ManiSilk is a concentrated and whipped cuticle balm meant to help with moisture retention and promote new cell growth. The ingredients add important skin loving, long-chain, fatty-acids and elasticity to your nails for longer term healthy hands.

Soy Magnifiscents Mani Love Kit Review Mani Silk Matte

Not quite a matte swatching balm, but it isn’t shiny at the same time

While my dry hands have already made a dent in the ManiSand, a little of ManiSilk goes a long way. I can barely tell I have used the 1/2oz jar. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy on the fingers. It is designed to be used a few times a day but I have only been using it with the ManiSand. I always have cuticle oil/balm on my desk and am using those up.

Soy Magnifiscents Lotion Heart Review

Soy Magnifiscents Mani Love Kit Review Lotion Heart

Finally, give your whole hand some moisture with the Soy Magnifiscents Lotion Heart. It is a solid lotion bar made from a moisturizing, skin loving, proprietary blend of soy and coconut oil. Rub your hands together to warm them then just rub the little heart over them and massage in the lotion. It does take longer than the ManiSilk to absorb but is not overly greasy, just full of moisture heavy ingredients.

The lotion and ManiSilk are great and work well, but if you are only getting one, the ManiSand is the most unnique and made the biggest difference for me. You can get them as a small kit like mine to try and see what you like. There are lots of scents to choose from, my top picks are

  • The Good Witch: Heavenly pink lilac and tropical orchids float on bubbles of exotic incense.
  • Flying Monkeys: Sweet, ripe banana meets fresh baked peanut butter cookies.
  • Lullaby League: Soothing lavender with a touch of honey.
  • Beaches: Sandy, ocean-misted, sun-kissed skin and hints of sweet citrus, heady florals with notes of jasmine, lavender, roses and gardenia
  • Jamaica ‘Mon Crazy: Island breezes kissed with deep musk and woodsy teak on layers of coconut & chocolate
  • Mermaid Kisses: alluring and sweet, full of sunny beach grasses and powdery bliss, and a hint of sweet tropical fruit

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