Zoya Thrive Collection – Spring 2018

Zoya Thrive Collection Review: Haruko - Darby - Leisel - Brandi - Trudith - Munroe

Zoya Thrive Collection Review: Haruko - Darby - Leisel - Brandi - Trudith - Munroe

Zoya really fueled my love of nail polish so I am always excited to see a new collection from them.  The new Zoya Thrive collection has three creams, two metallic shimmery shades and Leisel, a sheer sparkly topper that can be worn alone, or layered over other colors.

This feels like quite a “safe” release from Zoya with similar colours in their core collection already.  But pinks usually make me say that so… Hopefully they have decent opacity.  That would make them a little more special.  Even when my nails are in rough condition and other polishes peel off, I find Zoya lasts.  They are a great starting point between drug store and indie polishes.

Darby, Haruko and Leisel are on my list to pick up.  If you shop by February 9th, you can get all six for $40US with free shipping using coupon code THRIVE here.  The collection starts shipping on February 15th.  If you want to skip international shipping, Nail Polish Canada usually has new collections shortly after they launch.

Zoya Thrive – Brandi, Darby & Munroe

Zoya Thrive Collection Review - Brandi - Darby - Munroe

  • Brandi by Zoya is a blush pink creme
  • Darby by Zoya is a dusty, gull gray metallic
  • Monroe by Zoya is a glamourous pink creme

Am I the only one who thinks a shade called Munroe should be a classic red?

Zoya Thrive – Haruko, Trudith & Leisel

Zoya Thrive Collection Review - Haruko - Trudith - Leisel

  • Haruko by Zoya is a soft, violet metallic
  • Trudith by Zoya is a muted, wisteria purple creme
  • Leisel by Zoya is a sheer, sparkling pink topper that can also be worn layed to wear alone

Unsurprisingly, the blues and purples call my name.  At this point, cremes have to be fairly special for me to want them so I won’t hold that against the collection.  Which shades are on your shopping list?

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    All the shades are designed to give glossy look to the nails. Thanks for sharing this.

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