Zoya Naturel Satin Swatches: Rowan, Sage & Tove

zoya natural satins- swatches and review

As most of you will know, Zoya is one of my favourite brands of nail polish, they rarely disappoint.  The Zoya Naturel Satins collection is a transitional collection that is meant to ease you from Winter shades to brighter Spring shades and has some great nude colours.

Zoya Satins are “low-sheen”, not quite matte but not the usual shiny finish of Zoya polishes.  Due to the finish, you are not supposed to use a top coat with them, which reduces the amount of time you can wear them before they chip.

The formula is not as great as Zoya’s regular polishes, it as best with two thicker coats and lots of drying time.  The colours are great nudes/neutrals.  I bought Rowan, Sage and Tove as Ana and Brittany are not really me and my local salon had already sold out of Leah.

Zoya Rowan Naturel Satin Swatch

Zoya Rowan: Creamy suede taupe

Rowan is a beautiful nude and does seem more matte than Sage and Tove although lighter than shown in the advertising for the collection.  The formula was bumpier and streakier than the others but the colour is gorgeous once you get the application right.

You can see from the image that it gets more matte/low sheen over time.  The index finger had a fresh coat and still looks shiny in the image while the ring finger had been drying for 15 minutes.

Without a top coat, it chipped within a day so I cheated, and used top coat because I love the colour.  It is a great nude with top coat.  Maybe they will come out with a satin topcoat that can be used with the Naturel Satins collection.

Zoya Sage Naturel Satin Swatch

Zoya Sage: Mossy sage green

Sage is also lighter than advertised, but less so than Rowan.  The formula is also better than Rowan, no steaks and two regular coats was fine for full opacity.

Sage also seems a bit shinier than Rowan, which I actually prefer as it seems a little more durable.  The low sheen finish of Rowan showed dents very easily.

Green polishes are generally my favourites, so I knew I would love sage.  I wore it for 2 days before tip-wear with Zoya Pixie Dust in Vespa as an accent nail.

Zoya Tove Naturel Satin Swatch

Zoya Tove: Misty slate grey

Tove is a beautiful grey and the low sheen satin finish seems to really suit it, but it is less blue than it appears in the advertising.

I have a love/hate relationship with the formula.  It is not bumpy or streaky like Rowan but shows the ridges in my hails more easily.  I had to use two layers of base coat to even out my nail completely to make it wearable.

That being said, I love grey polishes and I can see myself wearing Tove regularly.  It is a great work colour and the most durable of the three Zoya Satin polishes I tried.

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  1. I like these colours for spring. Very subtle.

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