Zoya Thrive Collection – Spring 2018

Zoya Thrive Collection Review: Haruko - Darby - Leisel - Brandi - Trudith - Munroe

Zoya really fueled my love of nail polish so I am always excited to see a new collection from them.  The new Zoya Thrive collection has three creams, two metallic shimmery shades and Leisel, a sheer sparkly topper that can be worn alone, or layered over other colors. This feels like quite a “safe” release from […]

Zoya Party Girls Winter/Holiday 2017 Release

Zoya Party Girls Fall Winter 2017 Release

It feels like Zoya only just had a new collection but their Party Girls release for Winter/Holiday 2017 will be available on October 15th!    They promise that this collection is mysterious, moody and electric in one.  The Zoya Party Girls collection mixes a variety of finishes and tones to make sure all eyes are […]

Zoya Sophisticates – New Shades For Fall 2017

Zoya Fall 2017 Sophisticates Nail Polishes

Zoya is my go to for accessible high quality polishes.  I am lucky enough to have a local spa that stocks them and Nail Polish Canada usually gets new shades soon after release but Canadians can buy direct from Zoya too.  The Fall 2017 Sophisticates collection includes pinks, purples and some other fall shades thrown […]

Zoya Charming Collection – Spring 2017

Zoya Charming - Spring 2017 Collection

Zoya just seems to get me lately.  They are one of my favourite nail polish brands but this collection and the recent Pixie Dust releases are stealing my heart.  Purples and blues are my thing, so I am in love with the Zoya Charming Collection which will be released on February 1st.  It includes three […]

Enchanted by Zoya – Winter 2016 Release

Zoya Enchanted Fall Winter 2016: Elphie, Olivera, Lorna, Waverly, Alice, Saint

New PixieDusts from Zoya will always make my heart skip a beat but these beautiful winter colours are just stunning.  Zoya designed them with the magic of the holidays and the wonders of winter in mind.  Zoya’s new Enchanted collection creates an ethereal beauty spotlight for nails this season.  The release includes four glittering PixieDust Mattes […]

Watermarble Nailart – Day 20 #31DC2016

31DC2016 Day 20 - watermarble swatch

Have I told you how much I hate watermarbles.  I am completely on Simply Nailogical’s side of the debate on watermarbles.  They are some kind of witchery that I just suck at.  I have made one decent watermarble in my life, the only one that I would wear out of the house.  But Day 20 […]

Galaxy Nail Art #31DC2016

31DC2016 Day 19 - Galaxy Nails Swatch Sunlight - Polishes Used

After a few prompts that i was not overly excited about, we have galaxy nails today.  I love galaxy nails, they are a pain to do but always look great and are not overly complicated despite the final look.  I feel that these look a lot like the last galaxy nails I posted but if […]