Christmas Memories With The Body Shop + Win An Advent Calendar!!

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Growing up, my sisters and I always did our Christmas shopping together.  My parents would take us to Oxford Street in London to see the trees and lights and we would do all of our shopping in one day.   It was a rare time we were allowed to break off from our parents to go and get my mum’s Christmas present.  There was a huge The Body Shop store and they let you make your own gift baskets.  You chose whether you got to use a tin or basket, the colours, the shredded tissue paper, everything.  We each chose several items to go into our personalized basket, watched it get put together and wrapped way better that we could manage,  It always felt so special giving her the huge basket (or hat box so she could keep it) on Christmas morning.

Christmas was always a big deal in our family.  On the night before Christmas Eve, the women would stay home and drink wine while they wrapped gifts.  The men would get sent out to do something together and get out from under their feet.  Plus, as the oldest of the children, I got paid to look after all my cousins and make sure they were not peeking at the wrapping.  Sounds terribly sexist to me now, but it worked and everyone enjoyed it.

This year doesn’t feel very festive with all that has gone on in recent months.  I am trying to get into the holiday spirit but I am feeling kinda grinchy.  So hopefully my various advent calendars including the 24 Days of Beauty from The Body Shop, get me more in the mood.  Plus, I have one to giveaway!

The Body Shop Advent Calendars

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2017 Options

There are four different advent calendars available from The Body Shop this year.  One to suit every budget!  Choose from

  • 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar from The Body Shop $69 (purple)
  • Green – 25 Days of Game Changing Advent-ures Advent Calendar from The Body Shop $99
  • Silver & Pink – 25 Days of Game Changing Advent-ures Deluxe Advent Calendar from The Body Shop $139
  • Gold and Pink – 25 Days of Game Changing Advent-ures Ultimate Advent Calendar from The Body Shop $169

Plus one you can give for Christmas that counts down to the new year for $69.  The more expensive ones are online only but include some amazing products and are each worth over the cost of the advent calendar.  See full details with spoilers here.

The Body Shop changed it up this year and the 25 Days  Game Changing Advent-ures calendars have a daily challenge.  Simple things like turning off your phone for an hour or connecting with a relative.  On top of that, the actual advent calendar and the boxes holding the products turn into a game at the end of the 25 days so you can spend some quality time playing with it too.  You can share your challenges or even just the daily item on social media with #PlayforPeace and #YuleBePrepared to join people across the world.

Every Advent Calendar and The Body Shop gift set sold this year helps a great charity called International Alert.   They help children across the globe have a safe place where they are able to play.  There are lots of gift sets to choose from, stocking stuffers, secret santa gifts plus sets for him or her at various price points.

The Body Shop 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar + Chance To Win!

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2017 Details

I have the 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar.  It has a great range of products for the classic advent calendar option including my favourites like hand cream and White Musk lotion which is my mum’s fave scent.   Plus bath gloves to help exfoliate because even the thought of cold weather makes my skin dry!  I will be opening it and sharing on social media through December, so be sure to follow me to see what is included.  I won’t spoil it by telling you everything that is included.

So, do you want to win one?  If the Giveaway Tools app doesn’t load below, find it here.

This post is not sponsored, but The Body Shop gave me their 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar to review and are sponsoring the prize for this giveaway.

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223 thoughts on “Christmas Memories With The Body Shop + Win An Advent Calendar!!

  1. One of our traditions was always getting new pj’s for Christmas Eve which I passed on to my children an they have now passed it on to their children.

  2. Well, one tradition we have is we go Christmas lights sight-seeing. We go get some hot chocolates and pick a neighborhood (or two or three) and drive around oogling the lights displays! Oddly enough both my husband and my parents did this with us as children, and we’ve continued the tradition with our kids. And of course we don’t miss out on public displays around the city either. We walk those ones.
    The other tradition I can think of is Baileys or Irish Cream on Christmas morning! Every Christmas, it’s not to be missed. I have it in my coffee. LOL a couple years ago I had a touch of the flu on Christmas morning but I still had my coffee with baileys!

    1. This is a tradition I’m trying to start with my new husband this year! I never got to do this as a kid and I always wanted to. Also, I’ve sense heard that a real tree is actually way more eco friendly than a faux tree.

  3. We all go out to our favourite Japanese place and have dinner. We drive home along the ocean front and gaze at the lights! We’ve been doing this for over 30yrs now!

  4. We have lots of traditions, but my favorite is opening one gift on Christmas Eve and it’s always Christmas jammies so you can wear them when opening presents the next morning!

  5. Such a great idea! My daughter and I have an advent calendar that I refill with new goodies each year. Now that she’s 13, she’s been getting into beauty and I think she would really love this, especially the headband. : ) Plus, there’s some cool mom stuff in the Ultimate Advent too that I could use. ; ) Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  6. No matter how busy everyone is we find time to get together even if it isn’t on December 25Th but we always call each other that day.

  7. instead of doing a big turkey dinner we do finger foods and game so that more time is spent together instead of my poor mom in the kitchen all day! 🙂 it’s lots of fun

  8. We give our kids a Christmas ornament each year that highlights something meaningful from the past year. Then when they leave home to start their own families we give them the ornaments for their own tree.

  9. When we were younger Santa (Mom & Dad) would only put out the gifts when we were all sleeping. When we woke up we would open our stockings first, then Dad would put on his Santa hat and hand out the gifts. We all had stockings until their passings, but I still have my original stocking! Happy Holidays!

  10. One of our traditions is having the kids play music on Christmas Eve. We have piano, guitar, flute and drummers in the family. They get to play alone or with their siblings. We started this when the kids were small and now they are grown and still want to do it.

  11. We have an old artificial tree that we assemble and decorate every year, with ornaments that we have collected as souvenirs from our travels through the years.

  12. I make a chocolate/gift a day advent calendar for each of my nieces and nephews. Next year I’m going to buy these for the girls instead!

  13. We have a great meal for 10 days of our holidays. We enjoy an outside fire. We enjoy snow shoeing and winter walks. We open gifts Christmas morning or Christmas eve. We also enjoy watching movies with lots of snacks.

  14. We always go out for “lupper” (late lunch/early supper) on Christmas Eve. My parents started the tradition 50 years ago and I continue it now with my family.

  15. Every Christmas Eve we open a gift containing new pyjamas, a movie and some hot beverages with a new mug as well as a treat! We all sit around and watch our movies and open one gift each.

  16. We go to mass on Christmas Eve then open our presents. We love to watch Christmas movies and enjoy eating chocolate.

  17. we have a few holiday traditions. We always decorate our house and the Christmas tree after Remembrance Day while listening to Christmas music. We always spend Christmas eve at my Grandmas house and boxing day at my in laws. And we always make sure to have Christmas Crackers at every family get together

  18. My family’s Christmas tradition is a little weird. Each Christmas someone in my family gets a soap on a rope as a gift. Then next year they get to give it to someone else in the family.

  19. My entire family always gets together for dinner on the night of the 25th at my parents’ house. Members from all over North America make the trip home.

  20. We still have a Christmas Day lunch and decorate a real Christmas tree and exchange gifts on Christmas Day. My grandmother was the best at inviting us to her house for these things and more but since she has passed away, it hasn’t been the same due to her belief in the Xmas spirit.

  21. We’re a weird family. On Christmas eve every year, we gather together (the venue always changes) for a family potluck. Someone always brings crockpot chili and there are always Quality Street chocolates.

  22. In our household, my daughter trims the tree and I hand her the ornaments. It’s always been the two of us so it’s a very special tradition that we created together.

  23. We have a big immediate family (over 60 members) and get together the weekend before Christmas every year to enjoy delicious food, drinks, & lots of laughs, while the little ones open up presents & play games.

  24. Our holiday tradition in my family was to always open all the gifts on the 24th. For my kids I only let them open one gift on the 24th and all the rest the next day lol

  25. We always cooked a ham on Christmas Eve. Now that my children are grown and have families of their own they still continue this tradition.

  26. We always have a house full of friends and family on Christmas Eve. We fondue, play games, roast marshmallows and, if the weather is good, we have a bonfire in our yard. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity & Merry Christmas.

  27. We have a tradition of trying to disguise the gifts as much as possible -weighting down gifts that are light. Putting them in boxes that are larger. using towels, marbles etc

  28. So many traditions! Like trimming the tree, Christmas crafts and baking! But my personal favourite is spending New Years eve together by the fire, watching Christmas movies, eating Christmas treats, playing games and of course drinking egg nog!

  29. We also open our stockings in bed! My husband and I are newly married so we are still establishing our own traditions which is super fun. We get to take from things our families did and choose which ones we want to use & also get ideas from outside our families. Last year we got a real tree for the first time in my life and that was so fun, I can’t wait to do it again. We open our stockings in bed on christmas morning and open a present of pjs (or similar cozy gift) on christmas eve.

  30. On one weekend before Christmas we always decorate the tree one day and relax and watch Christmas movies the next day! Really sets the mood for our Christmas.

  31. We have a couple – all food related of course. 23rd – Chinese food/take out of some kind and 24th – Ukrainian dinner (none of us are Ukrainian haha). We’re starting up the tradition of opening a box with our kids that contains a pair of PJ’s and a Christmas movie to watch on the 24th and 25th and 26th (3 kids lol).

  32. Every Christmas Eve after Church our whole family would take our dog for a walk around the neighbourhood. We always loved when it snowed and really gave us that extra special bit of Christmas feeling but even when it didnt it was always fun with great memories.

  33. Our holiday family tradition always includes church on Christmas eve, followed by a very extravagant meal and lots of regret 🙂

  34. In our family, we have a big Christmas eve dinner and celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday and then attend the midnight mass after.

  35. We have a lot of Norwegian traditions like making all kinds of specialty cookies and of course, we open our gifts on Christmas eve! 😉

  36. Thanks for the nice contest 🙂
    I’ve always had chocolate advent calendars but for the first time this year I have a homemade tea calendar and I’d love to get a beauty calendar as well 🙂

  37. Every Christmas Eve, we have a tradition to wait until it’s 12 midnight, greet each other merry Christmas, and have a “noche buena” (literally “Good night” in Spanish and “Christmas eve dinner or feast” for us in the Philippines). So after having a late night dinner, we can then open all our presents and see each other’s reactions after seeing what we got. 😁

  38. After reading your review on Celestial Seasonings sugar cookie sleigh ride tea, I noticed that it contains gluten, which I am not supposed to have. Usually, as soon as I hear that something tastes good, I’ll discover it contains gluten. Not being able to have certain things in my diet is what made me turn to tea as something I can have so I will try to enjoy the festive season without certain naughty things.

  39. We have a few traditions. We purchase a Ravensburg Christmas jigsaw puzzle and work away on it over the holidays. There are always dated Christmas ornaments exchanged and we always have home made cabbage rolls on Christmas Eve 🙂 🙂

  40. We always have a Christmas Eve gathering with anyone who feels like stopping by. Complete with games and lots of fun holiday inspired beverages.

  41. We always opened our gifts Christmas Eve. I’m trying to figure out how it never upset us kids that Santa wasn’t coming Christmas morning just like everyone else. lol.

  42. One of our families biggest traditions was always getting a book and a pair of jammies on Christmas Eve to help get us through the night.

  43. Our traditions include the annual battle of talking my hubby into lugging all our storage totes of xmas decor up from the basement. Then I decorate everything but the biggest tree by myself while hubby grumbles about him having to do everything. After that I laugh at him while he struggles with the outside lights!
    Once everything stressful is done we have a blast going to a bunch of parties, events & xmas markets with friends/family. & I’m 41 but I still decorate cookies with my mom!

  44. We are only allowed to open our stockings before a proper family breakfast, gifts have to wait until everyone has had a full meal. We had one year where our dog was impatient and decided to start opening gifts without us. 🙂

  45. This is the first Christmas I won’t be travelling back home to see family, so my husband and I decided to start our own traditions this year! We have plans to get dressed to the nines and go out for a fancy dinner on Christmas Eve!

    Thanks for the chance!

  46. We open pj’s on Xmas Eve and we all wear them to bed. Each year we also get together and make a large quantity of Perogies. This year we are starting something new with a baking day (baked goods exchange).

  47. My comment about the post entitled “canadian tea companies”, I had no idea there were this many Canadian tea companies out there. I recognize a few of them but most of them are new to me.

  48. We usually have a traditional Christmas supper at our house and invite the family. We also open the Christmas stockings after supper.

  49. My family has tons of traditions but my favourite one is taking Christmas portraits as a family! We have a lot of family back in the Philippines and we always take portraits to send home in our Christmas cards. Growing up, we used to just go to Wal-mart, but for the last 6 or so years, we have been trying to up our game – going on hikes in the forest, going out in a small snowstorm, etc. It’s always so much fun and absolutely crazy, but then we ended up with amazing photos and great memories!

  50. A holiday tradition in our family is singing the 12 Days of Christmas song every year. We divide into parts and sing the whole song through!

  51. My favourite of all of our holiday traditions is picking out our ornament for the tree every year. After so long I have quite the eclectic collection!

  52. Shared family reading of new Christmas books and compulsory good deeds, such as donating for the treatment of sick children in Eastern Europe

  53. We have many Christmas traditions that include the kids opening a gift from Santa on Christmas Eve (new pyjamas and festive socks), reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas before heading to bed, leaving Christmas cookies, milk and carrots for Santa and his reindeers, opening our Christmas Stockings on Christmas morning (everyone young and old looks forward to this tradition) and baking our family’s delectable desserts and favourite recipes just to name a few.

  54. we get together at my moms for Christmas Eve and play games eat food, and tuck the kids in to wait for Santa in the morning

  55. This is very cool! I always buy the chocolate calendars for my sons and we decorate our tree and create a gingerbread house every year.

  56. We are starting new Holiday traditions , I now have custody of my grandson(after his mom’s death), or maybe pick up an old tradition like stringing popcorn( and eating it of course)

  57. We watch Christmas shows and listen to music and wrap up in blankets with a warm tea (or other beverage) in front on the TV on Christmas Eve. Very cozy!

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