Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Even When You Are Tired

Tips to Be Bright Eyed & Bush Tailed Even When You Are Tired

Tips to Be Bright Eyed & Bush Tailed Even When You Are Tired

The last few weeks have seen me go back to crazy work days including some weekend work.  With my neighbours getting their final notice to move out, they are being louder than usual, as a result, I have crazy days and not enough sleep.  Unfortunately, I can’t go to meetings looking like I really sleep, so some tips to go from I still need a few hours in bed to bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Nothing happens here until I have had my first cup of tea. He often leaves even earlier than me, so he brings me a cuppa before he leaves while I cuddle with a cat in bed and try and make my brain work.  If I am really tired, black tea works, but I add some peppermint tea to help wake my body and mind up at the same time.

The Body Shop Cooling Aqua Eye Mask

I always keep an Aqua Mask from The Body Shop in the fridge, puffy tired eyes are gone in minutes and the coldness really helps wake me up.  If you are into hot baths, using this really cold when you are soaking is amazing too.   I used to have a similar one from The Body Shop that was slimmer and a little more comfortable to wear but this one covers your whole eye area so the skin around your eyes plumps up too.

As much as I love silence, if I am tired, I may fall asleep in the shower or doing my makeup, so some loud music helps (and payback for neighbours keeping me awake at 2am – they can listen to 80s music at 5:30 haha).  I throw music on as soon as I am done my tea and hop in the shower using something citrussy like St Ives Energizing body wash.  Peppermint works too and tea tree products will definitely wake up your body and senses but I like the citrus scent better.

How To Apply Concealer To Cover Dark Circles - Triangle Concealer Method

Dark circles are a sure way to show you are tired and generally skin will not look as bright.  Use concealer to hide those bags under your eyes.  Don’t just dab it on the dark part under your eye, you want to start beside your eye and make an upside down triangle and blend the concealer to cover.  I love Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser  because it has a great applicator for touch ups on the go and the colour works for my pink toned skin.  While you need some yellow to cover, too much looks weird.

Maybelline Master Prime

Maybelline obviously suits my skin.  While I am a huge fan of Smashbox primer, on really tired days, my skin needs more correcting than just smoothing.  I recently tried Master Prime and love it.  I have a lot of redness on my cheeks and the green toned Blur + Redness Control is amazing at colour correction while the Blur + Illuminate helps with that tired skin look.  It doesn’t have the same consistency and smoothing as Smashbox but I can add a little before applying makeup if needed and it helps me look human.

Anyone who knows me will know I have several black eyeliners in my purse but on really tired days, opt for nude (not white) on your lower waterline to freshen up your eyes.  White will show the tiredness in your eyes while dark will accentuate the dark circles.  You can still use black for the upper eyeliner.  I love Rimmel ScandalEyes in Nude because they are waterproof and the nude isn’t sparkly like many.  They are about $7 – more expensive than some of Rimmel’s other Kohl eyeliners but worth it and still super affordable!

Gross I know, but when I am tired, I find I sweat a lot more and it smells worse than usual.  I opt for Secret Clinical rather than my usual deodorant to help stay fresh all day.  If I am that tired, washing my hair isn’t happening, it takes too long to dry and straighten.  Batiste Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver.  I buy the one for dark hair and even if my hair isn’t that funky, the shot of cold on my scalp feels great and helps wake me up.

Finally, some peppermint gum just before I get into the office or a meeting helps wake me up a little – enough to get through the next hour without just dreaming of my bed.  Lots of water will help you feel hydrated and not quite so tired too.

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