Lipivir To Help Prevent Coldsores

Lipivir Cold Sore Cream review MUFE Lippy

Lipivir Cold Sore Cream review MUFE Lippy

No one wants to deal with a cold sore, especially during the holidays.  As someone who has suffered from them since a teen, I will try anything to not get one and speed up recovery.  Seriously, some of the home remedies I have tried… I was one of the lucky ones chosen by ChickAdvisor to try Lipivir for free and jumped at the chance.

Unlike most cold sore creams, Lipivir can actually help reduce the frequency of coldsore outbreaks.  It is a tiny tube and costs $27 but lasts about two months.  If you think about the cost of throwing out lip products you used after that first tingle, just in case, and cold sore products, it is actually quite affordable.

Lipivir Cold Sore Cream Reviews

While Lipivir is fairly new to Canada, it is well loved across Europe.  The main ingredient is a drug-free formula of polyethylene glycols.  While it sounds like it could be scary to stop coldsores, it is a safe ingredient commonly used in beauty and health products that has now been found to dramatically reduce the frequency of cold sore outbreaks when applied daily.  You do need to make sure you use Lipivir every morning and night for full effectiveness though!

Lipivir Review

Lipivir Cold Sore Cream remedy Review

Thankfully, Lipivir dries quickly and you can apply your regular makeup including lipstick after just 5 minutes.  You do need to wait the full time to let it work its magic and dry fully.  When you first apply Lipivir, it has a strong lemon scent and almost makes your lips pucker.  You get a slight tingling that is gone in under a minute.  Once dry, you can finish your makeup including lipstick.

The clear gel type formula dries completely and lipstick applies well over it.   Wait to do all of your skincare and makeup until it is dry though.  I just put it on after brushing my teeth and it is dry by the time I have pulled out all the products I want to use that day.  It is not moisturizing, so make sure you use a balm after it.  I like to use one with SPF which also helps reduce the chance of getting a cold sore.

Lipivir Cold Sore Cream Review

I have had a lot going on in my life.  Usually, stress and hormones, especially at the same time, guarantees I will get one.  I have been using Lipivir for just a few weeks, but with all that has been going on, likely a time I would have got one (or more).   So I will definitely be buying another tube once this one is done.

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