The Body Shop Hemp Collection

The Body Shop Hemp Collection

The Body Shop Hemp Collection

One of the things we argue about is my “mess” in the bathroom.  It is a constant battle that my “lotions and potions” can be put away and not take over every available space.  Since we have a tiny bathroom, I have been making an effort to share the space with him.  Partly because he will just use whatever I leave lying around then complain that my deep pore cleanser made a terrible soap or shaving cream.  This is a little easier in the cold weather as we both suffer from really dry skin so can use some of the same products.

The Body Shop gave me the opportunity to try out their Hemp Collection.  Since he works in construction and is outside in the cold a lot and I do my best to keep moisturized from being in the dry heated air, this very dry skin collection was perfect for sharing and moving some of my lotions and portions into my office/makeup room.

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Swatch

My favourite of the collection is definitely the Hemp Hand Protector.  My hands get dry from frequent washing, and acetone nail polish remover and I always have hand cream all over the house as my hands get really dry.  He is out in the elements so frequently “borrows” my hand creams putting them back wherever.  While the Hemp Hand Protector doesn’t have the delicious scent of some of my hand creams, it definitely gives a blast of hydration and the cracks on his hands have healed completely after just over a week of using it every day despite working with his hands and being out in the cold.

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector

Next up for me was the Hemp Foot Protector.  While I have regular pedis in the summer, in the winter I am not as fussy about my feet.  They are always in boots in the cold weather anyway.  I used my Amope buffer, soaked my feet and then applied this and a pair of spa socks.  In the morning, my feet were so soft and the rough skin around my heels was completely gone.  The Hemp Foot Protector is fairly thick giving it plenty of time to soak in.  Again, not the most appealing scent, but as someone from The Body Shop said, think of it like Buckley’s cough medicine, it just works!  I have also been using this on a dry patch on my elbow and it is nearly gone.

The Body Shop Hemp Face Protector

The Body Shop Hemp Face Protector

The Body Shop’s Hemp Face Protector went to him.  While I get dry patches on my cheeks, he suffers badly as he is out in the colder weather and wind much more than I am.  I could happily hibernate for winter, I am just not cut out for Canadian winters after growing up in Europe’s milder climate.  The first day, he found that it felt like it burned a little on damaged skin, but after using it for a while, he has no more wind burn and his skin is softer.  A plus is that it is not greasy as he doesn’t want to appear girly using a facial moisturizer and get teased on the job site!

The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter

The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter

I am yet to find a Body Butter from The Body Shop that I didn’t like and the Hemp Body Butter is no exception.  It moisturizes your skin in one use and the large tub lasts forever.  Since you use a little more body butter compared to the other products, you pick up the scent of it more throughout the day and he laughs at me saying I smell like hippies.  The Body Butter itself does not smell as strong as some of the more concentrated hemp products which helps, but if you are sensitive to scents you may not like it.

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner

I am a lip balm junky, I usually have 4 or 5 in my purse plus more in my desks.  The Body Shop’s Hemp Lip Conditioner is really moisturizing but soaks in quickly enough that you can apply lipstick without worrying about it slipping.  We have already bought another one so we can both have one, because despite kissing him, I am not prepared to share lip balm!

The Body Shop Hemp Soap on a Rope & Body Mitt

The Body Shop Hemp Soap on a Rope & Spa Mitt

Finally, I tried The Body Shop’s Hemp Soap on a Rope and Spa Wisdom Morocco Hemp Body Mitt.  Exfoliating in winter is so important and the hemp spa mitt does a great job while the hemp soap moisturizes your skin while cleansing.  The rope, despite the obvious jokes we had to make, allow us to hang up the soap on the faucet so it dries and doesn’t leave a nasty soap ring and leaves more space for my lotions and potions!

Overall, the scent does take some getting used to, but if you need the dose of moisture, especially in winter, it is perfect.  On top of that, the collection works for both of us so saves some space in the bathroom!

The products in this post were provided free of charge for testing purposes but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Anne Dougherty says: Reply

    I have yet to try anything from this line, but probably because it’s not the pretties of packaging lol.

  2. Debbie White Beattie says: Reply

    Doesn’t The Body Shop have the best quality products ! You never have to worry that it won’t do as it claims because they are always the best quality !

  3. Great review, I haven’t tried anything but the classic hemp hand cream, thanks for the detailed descriptions of the rest of the line, very helpful!

  4. I don’t love the scent of this line so I have never really tried them!

  5. I tried their hand cream and I reayll liked it! I like that it’s not a sweet smell, and definitely more gender neutral.

  6. I love the body shop but yes the scent of this one kind of turns me off! I’m sure it works great though!

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  8. Thank you for this thorough review of these products. I like that there is such a variety in this collection, and it’s awesome how many benefits hemp oil has!

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