eos Organic Lip Balm Spheres

EOS Organic Lip Balms - Sweet Mint and Strawberry Sorbet - Packaging

I have horribly dry lips.  Despite constant exfoliation and lip balms/oils, they get dry and flaky quickly.  Side effect of a medication I take so not much I can do other than keep applying moisture.  EOS Spheres have long been a favourite.  Especially the US versions that we can’t get up here.   They get way better flavours. So EOS, make Lemon Drop and Tangerine available in Canada!  I recently got the chance to try two of the organic sphere through ChickAdvisor.  So how do they stack up to the originals?

EOS Organic Lip Balms - Sweet Mint and Strawberry Sorbet

I tried eos Organic Lip Balm Spheres in Sweet Mint and Strawberry Sorbet.  They are 100% natural and include certified organic oils and shea butter.  In an effort to make them greener, they also contain sustainably sourced ingredients.  Hypoallergenic and paraben free they are suitable for those with sensitive skin.  Plus they are gluten free (do lip balms usually have gluten?) and are not tested on animals.

eos Organic Lip Balm Spheres Review

EOS Organic Lip Balms Review

As I said, I am a huge fan of eos lip balms and usually have a couple on the go at a time.  I was using an older Honeydew when these arrived so had the chance to compare these to one that I am not sure is organic as I don’t have the packaging.  Which is the downside to these, they have no info on the actual spheres once open.  I love the shape of eos Spheres.  I can easily find them in my large purse. The sphere makes it easy to moisturize the “butthole” part of your lip where the inner wet part meets the dry skin which tends to be where I get flaky.  The downside is that they can collect fluff and dirt in the crack where the two parts meet.

I do find that eos Lip Balms are more suited to everyday moisturization and not when your lips are super dry or cracked.  There are better lip balms out there for that (including their medicated Tangerine one in the US hint hint).  But they are affordable, cute looking and come in great scent/flavours.

eos Organic Sweet Mint Lip Balm Sphere Review

EOS Organic Lip Balms - Sweet Mint Review

I love the fresh tingle of mint lip balms but I find that the moisture doesn’t last and my lips end up feeling even more dry later.  This did not happen with eos Sweet Mint.  My lips felt great after using them and continued to look soft days later.  It is not overly minty for those who are not a huge fan of peppermint.  Nice and refreshing especially when used just after brushing your teeth to up that minty fresh smile.

eos Organic Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm Sphere Review

EOS Organic Lip Balms - Strawberry Sorbet Review

Since I find minty balms can be drying, I had higher hopes for eos Strawberry Sorbet compared to Sweet Mint.  Maybe the sphere was just warmer than when I tried the mint but it seemed to apply more smoothly for some reason and the moisture did feel like it lasted longer.  I am still a sucker for the tingle of the mint one but Strawberry Sorbet has a nice flavour almost everyone will enjoy.

Do you use EOS lip balms? What do you think of the spheres?  Have you tried the newer jelly looking ones?

EOS Organic Lip Balms Review - Sweet Mint and Strawberry Sorbet

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