FarleyCo Blogger Box – New Releases from EcoTools, Real Techniques, 7th Heaven, So…? Fragrance and Johnny’s Chop Shop!

farleyco blogger box - new releases from EcoTools, Real Techniques, 7th Heaven and more

farleyco blogger box - new releases from EcoTools, Real Techniques, 7th Heaven and more

I was lucky enough to be chosen to test out a selection of products from FarleyCo.  If you are not familiar with them, they are the Canadian distributor for a load of amazing brands (including Zoella which was not in this box).  The items are so me.  I got to try 7th Heaven Nail & Cuticle Masques, Eco Tools Perfecting Blender Duo, Real Techniques Eye Shade & Blend Duo, and So… Sinful fragrance.  Not wating to leave out the guys in our lives, we also got a product from Johnny’s Chop Shop so he is trying out their Style Defining Grooming Cream for me.

I will be reviewing most of these separately, so won’t say too much about them now.  But, since these are on the shelves and worth buying, here is a teaser!

Real Techniques Eye+Shade Duo

Real Techniques Eye Shade and Blend Duo by Sam and Nic Review by FarleyCo

The two brushes I tried were previously part of a bigger pack of brushes.  These two were fan faves and are often requested as single brushes.  So great news that the Eye Shading and Deluxe Crease brush are now part of the Real Techniques Eye Shade + Blend duo.    Other new duos include Eye: Smudge & Diffuse with a precision smudge brush, smudge brush and bonus liner sharpener.  Eye Detail + Define with a definer brush, square detailer brush and a bonus eye line pick to create perfect lines.

If two eyeshadow brushes are not enough and you want more (because two is never enough).  They have revamped their Starter Set.  The new Enhanced Eye Set includes a medium shadow brush, essential crease brush, their classic shading brush, fine liner brush and a lash separator.  Get all five in a cute white and purple cup for $28.  They also have a load of new face brushes and sponges so keep an eye out for my review with a full list.  I know these are top of my shopping list.

7th Heaven Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques

7th Heaven Nail and Cuticle Finger Masques Review - farleyCo Blogger Box

I love a good face mask and 7th Heaven never disappoints (ummm chocolate).  But my nails take a beating with nail art and the acetone to remove it.  So I may have squealed a little when I saw these 7th Heaven Nail & Cuticle Finger Masques.  There is a review on these coming very soon!  They also have hand masks if you need the extra TLC for the whole hand.  With pedi season fast approaching, their new spa range even includes sock masques.  The spa range products are $5-6 each and give a nice dose of moisture.

The spa range is exclusive to Rexall from FarleyCo so I will be stalking their selection for the other two to try out.  This may require a visit to the big Rexall (or more whining at the Rexall manager who must hate me by now).  If all else fails, you can always order direct from FarleyCo! If you love their regular face masks, they now sell them in tubes too.  We all know that single format, as convenient as it is, can get expensive so great news!

EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo

Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo Review - FarleyCo

I have a confession.  I find the original Beauty Blender overpriced and tend to love “cheaper” versions even more.  Not the terrible $2 knockoffs but decent quality ones.  I have long been a Real Techniques sponge kinda gal but the shape of these new ecoTools Perfecting Blender Duo sponges is amazing.  They have a rounded end plus a long flat side and matching short flat side.  Since they meet to a taper, you get a nice precision corner for those hard to blend areas too.

Again, full review on these coming soon so I won’t say it twice but go pick up a set for just $16!  You can find them online from Walmart, or at select Rexall, Lawton’s, Brunet, Pharmasave and Uniprix stores.

So…? Sinful Fragrance

So...? Sinful Fragrance - Farleyco Walmart

I am actually really glad they sent me this new So…? Sinful fragrance.  After a bad reaction to a “cheap” fragrance years ago, I tend to stick to either body sprays or the big perfume brands.  Generally, the fragrances match the price tag and don’t last more than an hour anyway.  This is definitely an exception to that rule so I will be trying out more from the So…? range.

Feel adventurous with the exotic notes of  pineapple, fall in love with the warm floral heart of  violet, and lose yourself on a journey of excess with  the decadent base of dark chocolate and vanilla.  This has a slight baby powder scent to it mixed with these that makes it smell clean at the same time as warm.

Johnny’s Chop Shop Glide Em High

Johnnys Chop Shop Glide Em High Styling Cream - FarleyCo

Last, but by no means least – Glide Em High style defining grooming cream from Johnny’s Chop Shop.  This was the only new to me brand in the box and he was delighted that something in our overflowing mailbox was for him.  This will launch in London Drugs and is a British brand that is just launching in Canada now.  It held his mop of hair well, good hold without too much stickiness so a winner for him.

They have a two in one shampoo I will be grabbing online for him.  It might mean he doesn’t use mine since he uses way too much product for someone with way less hair than me.  The current selection of Johnny’s Chop Shop products in Canada are priced at $12.99 each.  If you don’t live near a London Drugs, check out the selection direct from FarleyCo here.

So which of these products is top of your list to try?  Reviews are coming soon so make sure to come back and see my thoughts and more of the new releases that will hit the stores (and online) this month.


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