Tickled Tea Lemon Cookie Tea Review & Bonus Daisy Shots!

Ticked Tea Lemon Cookie Tea Sample

If you have not tried Tickled Tea yet, you should!  They are a Canadian tea company and unlike many companies, offer an affordable sampler pack where you can choose 6 samples before committing to larger purchases.  The second of the six teas in my sampler is Tickled Tea’s Lemon Cookie and this one is definitely one I will be ordering.  It has a great flavour and was recommended by a fellow tea lover as worth making a latte with to bring out the cookie creamy flavour.  I ended up sharing my latte with Daisy who is a little milk fiend.

Tickled Tea Lemon Cookie Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

Ticked Tea Lemon Cookie Tea - Loose Leaf

Ticked Tea Lemon Cookie Tea - Loose Leaf Macro

Ingredients: Black tea leaves, grated lemon rind, lemon grass, cardamom, almonds, tumeric, natural and artificial flavouring

Steeping Instructions:  1 Rounded teaspoon per cup, boiling water for 5 minutes.  I used a DAVIDsTEA Perfect Spoon for a 12 oz cup which I found perfectly flavoured but a little more tea than they recommend.

The size of the pieces vary quite a bit and with a small sample bag, that can change the taste of each cup.  Should not be as much of an issue with a larger bag where you can shake it up to mix and get more even ingredients.

Tickled Tea Lemon Cookie Review

Ticked Tea Lemon Cookie Latte - Steeping

Ticked Tea Lemon Cookie Latte - Brewed

The addition of cardamom and tumeric is a little surprising.  It was not overly chai like, just a hint of warmness rather than spice. It is very lemony in the loose leaf but not as strong in the cup.  Once steeped, it has a sweet lemon cookie taste, just as named.  Not too sweet, not too lemon.  A nice clean taste with crispness from lemon with a creamy aftertaste.  Totally in love with this but am glad it was recommended to me as a latte as it really brings out the nuttier cookie flavour.

Tickled Tea Lemon Cookie Latte and Bonus Daisy Shots

Ticked Tea Lemon Cookie Latte with sample

Ticked Tea Lemon Cookie Latte

It seems like ages since I had a tea latte.  With summer, it seems to be all iced teas lately.  There was not enough lemon to curdle the milk.  The he creamy taste of a latte really enhances the sweetness and spices in Tickled Tea Lemon Cookie.  Even Daisy agrees (she actually doesn’t care what you make a latte from as long as it has milk on top to steal).

Ticked Tea Lemon Cookie Latte - Daisy 2

Ticked Tea Lemon Cookie Latte - Daisy Drinking Foam

See how much milk she had? Greedy little girl!

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