Conair Lighted Mirror – Because Makeup At 5AM…

Conair Lighted Mirror - with makeup

I tested out a Conair Lighted Mirror with LED rings and 1/7x magnification to combat my dark makeup corner woes.  Jazzy really likes to look at himself in it too which means I often come home to my makeup on the floor.  But he is so handsome, can you blame him?

Conair Lighted Mirror - with makeup

At my old place, I had a great makeup/office set up with a huge window near my desk.  Natural lighting is often your friend but not possible at my new place.  When moving, we decided to make some sacrifices to save to eventually buy.  The major sacrifices being my office space (it is about half the size) and window placement for natural lighting.  I wish I had appreciated the huge windows in my old place more.

Conair Lighted Mirror - in dark

During the day, not such a big deal but our bedroom has a single light fixture not quite centred in the room and I do my makeup in the corner furthest from it.  We have a light that is supposed to gently brighten so you don’t get OMG MY EYES moments first thing.  Which means even with the light coming on, it is dark.  Not helped by the fact that we are early risers.  He leaves for work early and if I have to be in the city, I am gone by 6:30 too so natural light is not happening.   I really want to buy a ring light, but I am cheap (that whole saving for a house thing sucks) so when Conair offered to let me test one of their lighted mirrors, I jumped at the chance.

Conair Lighted Mirror with LED Ring & 1/7x Magnification Review

Conair Lighted Mirror - with jazz reflection

In full daylight, it doesn’t make a huge difference, just helps with any shadows since the window is off to the side.  But when I am doing my makeup in the morning with just artificial light, I am in love.  The Conair Lighted LED 1x/7x Magnificiation Mirror has a chrome finish, soft white lighting and two choices of brightness.  It does need 3AA batteries but I use it daily and have not needed to change them after almost two months of use.  Jazz knows how to turn it on to check himself out too so I randomly come home to it on.  So the batteries do last even with the kitties wasting them.  We have no power outlet close to that area so it is nice for me that it is battery operated.

Conair Lighted Mirror - with jazz

Who needs makeup on your desk when you can have a cat?  Seriously though, shown for size!  But he did knock all my stuff off AGAIN

It is a decent size.  Oval shaped with 7x magnification on the other side.  The Conair Lighted Mirror lights evenly on both sides so you get the same lighting when applying foundation as closeup eyeliner.  It is a little smaller in mirror area than my previous unlit mirror.  The 7x magnification is actually better than my old one which was 15x and could be a little distorted in shape.  It thankfully has a heavy enough base that the mirror at least stays on the table despite Jazz’s attempts to take over my desk.  The lighting is not bright enough to do makeup in the complete dark and does not add much if you are not really close to it. At $40 it is a great starter model.

Buy It: Conair Lighted Mirror With LED Ring & 1/7x Magnification

The Conair Lighted Mirror is sold in most retailers but is currently cheapest at Walmart where it is under $40.  Find a full list of stores and online retailers at  So worth shopping around to get one at the best price.

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