DAVIDsTEA Tea The North Tea Review (Canada Day 2017 Limited Edition)


DAVIDSTEA Tea The North - Canada Day Special Tea - Limited Edition 2017

Earlier this month, DAVIDsTEA released a limited edition tea for Canada Day.  Tea The North is a white tea with melon, pineapple and coconut.  Unlike the maple scented Oh Canada of last year, Tea The North doesn’t scream Canadian to me.  The Canadian angle comes from the ingredients which are mostly white and red including the white tea base.  Coconut makes me think more beachy resorts than Canada though!

DAVIDsTEA Tea The North Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

DAVIDSTEA Tea The North - Canada Day Special Tea - Limited Edition 2017 - Loose Leaf

Ingredients: Melon (melon, sucrose, citric acid), pineapple (pineapple, sugar), coconut, white tea, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, apple, rose petals, rhubarb, safflower blossoms, natural watermelon, rhubarb and coconut flavouring.

Steeping Instructions: 1-2 perfect spoons per 16oz hot water (167℉ – 176℉ or 75℃ – 80℃).  Steep for 4-7 minutes.

Tea The North is better iced.  Canada Day is usually pretty warm so that makes sense.  But it also means you may want to use a little more tea to get the full flavour with the ice.

DAVIDsTEA Tea The North Tea Review

DAVIDSTEA Tea The North - Canada Day Special Tea - Limited Edition 2017 - Steeping

For some reason, Tea The North smells like nail polish remover.  The ingredients vary a lot so a perfect spoon varied a bit, from 3g to almost 6g.  But it averaged just over 4g per Perfect Spoon (around 2.5 teaspoons).  With white tea and hibiscus, it does have the tendency to oversteep so watch it after 4 minutes and make sure that your water is not too hot.

DAVIDSTEA Tea The North - Brewed with Canadian Flag

The flavour of Tea The North is heavy on the coconut with a fruity mix.  While it was drinkable, I did not particularly like it.  Maybe it was the polish remover smell putting me off.  I am not the biggest fan of coconut in general so it would never be top of my list.  It relies on apple for sweetness and a pile of flavouring rather than ingredients.  That seems to be the theme with their teas lately though.

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