DAVIDsTEA Orange Passionfruit Tea Review (Freshly Squeezed Collection)

Davidstea Orange Passionfruit Freshly Squeezed Collection - Loose Tea with Oranges

The second of the teas from the latest Freshly Squeezed collection.  DAVIDsTEA Orange Passionfruit is an organic fruit infusion that just screams summer.  It was released in June 2017 along with Strawberry Lemonade and Grapefruit Squeeze.  The Freshly Squeezed mini collection was all citrus based teas that you can use for refreshing summer iced teas.  I find that DAVIDsTEA can be hit or miss for citrus teas.  Some I love and others I barely finish a sample bag.  So I just got a small bag as I didn’t have high hopes for this one.  I had to laugh at the store when I popped in to get these, they knew I wanted a little of each of the new ones since it was the day they were released.

DAVIDsTEA Orange Passionfruit Tea Ingredients & Steeping Instructions

Davidstea Orange Passionfruit Freshly Squeezed Collection - Loose Tea

Ingredients: Apple, raisins, carrot, beetroot, orange peel. With citric acid, organic orange and natural passion fruit flavouring. (Organic ingredients)

Steeping Instructions: 1-2 Perfect Spoons (2.5tsp) per 16oz near boiling (194℉ – 203℉ or 90℃ – 95℃) water.  Use 2 PS in 10oz water for ice teas and pour over ice.

How much tea do you need? A DAVIDsTEA Perfect Spoon of Orange Passionfruit tea weighs approx 6g.  So you will get eight mugs of tea from a 50g bag which costs $8.98.  A cost of just over $1.10 per tea and more for iced teas.

DAVIDsTEA Orange Passionfruit Tea Review

Davidstea Orange Passionfruit Freshly Squeezed Collection - Brewed Tea with Fruit Iced

I was a little confused when I first made this as the image on the DAVIDsTEA page shows a glass of orange juice.  I expected more orange but it is bright red.  Beetroot being the obvious culprit but doesn’t scream orange juice looking at the colour.  The scent is another matter and the loose tea smells just like a glass of orange juice.  It has an added sweetness to the scent from the passionfruit but is mostly orange.

Once steeped, the strong orange scent is more muted.  Still smells sweet-orangey but not as strong as the loose.  It is quite sweet which takes away from any citrus tartness.  There is more orange in the taste but has a sweeter passionfruit aftertaste that smoothes the tea.  It is more orange drink than orange juice to me (think those kid’s drink boxes).  But still tastes great and will be a hit for summer.  I love that DAVIDsTEA managed to make Orange Passionfruit sweet without a load of stevia too.  As an organic tea, it is a huge plus that you don’t need to add stuff to it.

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