Five on Friday: Annabelle Cosmetics Edition

Annabelle Cosmetics - Five on Friday - Reviews

Annabelle Cosmetics - Five on Friday - Reviews

I have so much stuff that I probably should have posted already so I have decided to do some Five on Friday posts.  Starting with this kit from Annabelle.  I picked this up months ago on clearance at Shoppers Drug Mart.  One of those “oh I only have to spend a few dollars to earn bonus points” things.  I am pretty sure it was left over from the holidays given the packaging.  Some of these products have been discontinued while others are still around but I am still going to talk about all of them because, you know, five!

Annabelle Twistup Lipstick Crayon in Mai Tai & Lipsies Lip Balm in Strawberry

Annabelle Twist Upstick Crayon vs Lipsies Lip Gloss Reviews

I will admit that I am a sucker for strawberry scented/flavoured products so Annabelle Lipsies lip balm was a winner for me.  It gives a decent amount of colour for a balm, feels nice on the lips and works for days when I don’t want to wear full makeup.  It has a soft pink colour that adds just a little colour to my pale lips.

Annabelle TwistUp Lipstick Crayon Mai tai vs Strawberry Lipsies Lip Gloss Swatches

Mai Tai Twistup Retractable Lip Crayon by Annabelle looks a lot more red in the packaging but leans coral on me.  Use a light hand for a soft wash of colour or a couple of swipes for full colour.

I actually really like the formula on both of these.  I know they have their new Edge lipsticks I want to try, but might pick up a few more of these too.

Annabelle Eyeshadow Quad in Chai Chai Chai

Annabelle Eyeshadow Quad in Chai Chai Chai

They do not seem to have any quads on the Annabelle website.  Not sure if these were special to the bag or discontinued.  But the quality is great for the price point of their other shadows.

Annabelle Eyeshadow Quad in Chai Chai Chai Swatches

All four colours showed well and had decent pigmentation.  Admittedly, I have very fair skin so most shadows will show up.  But these swatches are with the little applicator and no primer!  I have their Smokey Nudes and Eye & Brow palettes in my stash, I will have to dig them out because these blended really well for drug store shadows.

Annabelle Supernova Mascara (Discontinued)

Annabelle Supernova Mascara Review

I tend not to love mascaras with wands like this, so was surpised to like this.  Their waterproof Big Show mascara works well for me but I need more volume than the Supernova brushes give.  I don’t think this lives up to “Supernova” but it gives me a nice amount of length and separation to appear longer but still natural with a single coat.  I would probably buy it if it wasn’t discontinued.  It looks like Lash Launcher may be close to it though.

Annabelle Perfect Bronze in Sun Breeze

Annabelle Perfect Bronze in Sun Breeze Review

Bronzing is hard when you are pale and cool toned.  This one is just too warm for me and made me look bruised rather than sun kissed.  It is medium toned and would work well for fair skin tones, just not quite pale.  I have swatched their milk chocolate bronzer and it seems like a better match.  But this one has a nice formula if the colour works for you.

Annabelle is available at most drug stores plus their own website.  As mentioned, some of these have been discontinued but the quality compared to earlier Annabelle products I owned makes me want to pick up some more.


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8 Replies to “Five on Friday: Annabelle Cosmetics Edition”

  1. The pigmentation of the eyeshadow palette seems pretty good! I definitely need to look into their eyeshadow more in the future!

  2. These are some great choices. I love Annabelle and have so much of their stuff. I really love the Lipsies, I have two but love Lychee the most it is a great nude shade and smells great. I also loved the Chai, chai, chai palette, it is too bad it isn’t still around. You should try their lip liners, they are the best.

  3. Haaaa it’s been a while since I wore my Annabelle TwistUp lipsticks but I used to be obsessed with them! I think I have all the colors. lol

  4. I really need to try more from Annabelle! Love your Five on Friday interpretation – looking forward to seeing what else you will feature!

  5. I don’t use a lot of annabelle products anymore. I used to be obsessed with their bronzers. I would give the twist up lipstick a try though. I think it’s something I would use often if it didn’t dry out my lips.

  6. Bronzing on cool and pale skin…tell me about it! Like finding a needle in a haystack to find a winner! I love their Lipsies, I have the cherry one and now I’m thinking I need the strawberry one. Glad that four out of five turned out to be good for you!

  7. These look pretty good, especially the eyeshadow.

  8. I’ve always liked Annabelle products-low cost and pretty decent quality too.

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