Born Pretty XL Clear Marshmallow Stamper Review

Born Pretty XL Clear Silicone Marshmallow Stamper - Stamping review

Born Pretty has a ton of clear jelly style marshmallow stampers right now, but this review is for this one.  The 3.9cm rounded XL clear marshmallow stamper item 36354 and looks like this on the Born Pretty website

Born Pretty XL Clear Silicone Marshmallow Stamper - Stamping review

Image from Born Pretty Store

Let me start by saying that I got this in one of the flash sales around Black Friday and was not super impressed when it arrived.  The jelly had some bubbles, was not super clear and it is very rounded.  For 3.9cm, it feels much smaller than the one they advertise as the 4cm XL stamper too.  Still large enough for my nails.  It just seems much smaller, especially as you can’t use the entire stamper due to the curve of the stamp head.

Born Pretty XL Clear Silicone Marshmallow Stamper - Review with Grey Stamping Polish

Born Pretty XL Clear Silicone Marshmallow Stamper - Stamping Roll or Squish

Born Pretty Store XL Clear Silicone Stamper Review

So, this stamper sat in a drawer for a few weeks until I needed extras for reverse stamping and I fell in love with it.  Right out of the bag, no priming or even washing, this picked up perfectly.  Almost every image since has too, even using regular polish to stamp.  The big round head picks up whether you roll or squish the stamp head so is a beginners dream.  So many jelly stampers can be super fussy but not this one.

BP XL Clear Silicone Marshmallow Stamper - Squishy

It has plenty of give but strong enough that your nails are not breaking or marking the silicone jelly stamper head.  If you have a strong curve to your nails, this XL clear marshmallow stamper is perfect.  The ridge inside the holder is wide enough that the stamper head is not pushed into the holder when pressing hard too – my biggest complaint with the 4cm XL stamper.

Born Pretty XL Clear Silicone Marshmallow Stamper - Stamping - How Clear Is It

The down side is that it is not super clear.  I have never used acetone on this, but you can see beside my finger that it has some slight clouding.  Not enough that you can’t stamp well using it, you can still see the pattern well.  It just looks almost like it is greasy despite cleaning.  The stamper head also has several bubbles and a small tear in the side.  It is at the bottom of the jelly and right at the edge so doesn’t impact the stamp head staying in the holder but you can see it when stamping and it blocks the view if using the edge on that side.

Buy Born Pretty Store’s XL Clear Marshmallow Stamper

You can buy this stamper here. The price varies from $1.99 – $3.99 but is usually around $2.99. As always, use my coupon code HNEX31 to save 10% on your purchase.

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