DAVIDsTEA Resolutions Tea – The Glow – Get Your Beauty Rest

DavidsTea The Glow Review - PC Rise and Shine Mug - DavidsTea Resolutions Beauty Rest Products: Laneige Sleep Mask, Smashbox Undereye Primer, Essence Kohl White Liner, Covergirl Clean Matte, Hard Candy Glamoflauge

To help with 2017 resolutions, DAVIDsTEA released a set of 14 tea samples in tins with a resolution on each tin.  You can pick and choose a tea each day and unwrap the tea to find the resolution.  I decided to start with a tea I haven’t tried before, Organic The Glow.

DavidsTea The Glow Review - PC Rise and Shine Mug - DavidsTea Resolutions Sleep

DAVIDsTEA The Glow is a blend of traditional complexion-savers, including cinnamon and rosehips meant to help with complexion.  It is light and floral without too much cinnamon, but enough to benefit your complexion.  It also boasts traditional stars like rose petals, rosehip and marigold. And time-honoured nourishers like nettle leaf.

DavidsTea The Glow Review - DavidsTea Resolutions Beauty Rest - Smashbox Primer, Essence Kohl White Liner and Laneige Sleep Mask

The resolution on DAVIDsTEA Organic The Glow is “get your beauty rest”.  One I really need to take advantage of but there just are not enough hours in the day.  I rarely manage more than six hours sleep a night.  So beauty products help out!  Some of my favourites are

  • Laneige Sleep Mask: The light gel texture absorbs quickly.  I find many night products melt into my eyes over time so absorbing quickly helps.  It also leaves my skin super soft without adding extra oil to my tzone so I wake up looking refreshed and don’t have to scrub my oily patches.  Full review here.
  • Essence Smokey 2in1 Kohl Liner in white: an easy way to brighten up your eyes with some white or nude on the lower waterline.  Essence’s is soft and applies evenly.
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer: smoothing out the under eye while plumping it up and evening the colouring, this is my favourite under eye primer.
  • Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer: It may be super affordable, but the coverage that Glamoflauge gives when you are super tired is amazing.  Just a little hides those raccoon eyes from lack of sleep.
  • Covergirl Clean Matte: if I have had enough sleep, this gives me enough coverage to even my skintone and allowing my natural glow without looking like I am wearing too much makeup.

DavidsTea The Glow - Resolution Sleep - Avon Gold Dust, Mountain Calling Today is Fun Day, Joy and Polish Goldschlacquer

Of course, I had to do my nails to match.  I choose the glow of Avon Nailwear Pro+ Gold Dust with Essence Mountains Calling Today is Fun Day topped with Joy & Polish Co. Goldschlacquer.  Blue was an obvious choice because it is supposed to be calming so the colour we painted our bedroom with the glow of gold.


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