Canadian Tea Advent Calendars For 2016

DavidsTea 2016 Tea Advent Calendar

Gone are the days of having an Advent Calendar with those waxy fake mini chocolates.  There are now so many themed ones available with stuff you actually want (ok, I still want a chocolate one too because it is an excuse for a piece of chocolate daily) but today I am sharing some of the […]

5 Animal Lover Mugs You Need In Your Collection

Five Animal Themed Mugs You Need In Your Collection

As a tea lover, I have various cups, infusers and more that I like for different teas.  Some that keep it warm for longer, colour changing, seemingly bottomless and more.  But animal themed mugs, especially cat mugs, steal my heart every time.  Here are five currently available animal themed mugs you need to add to your […]

Tea Taxi – Tea Generation Subscription Sample Envelope Review – Part 3

Tea Taxi Tea Generation Subscription Sample Envelope Black Teas

This is the final part of my review on Tea Taxi’s Tea Generation monthly tea subscription sample pack.  You can read my overview of the subscription here, and a review of three of the black teas included here while the non black teas included this month are here.  Today, I am reviewing the rest of […]

Tea Taxi Tea Generation Envelope Samples Part 2

Tea Taxi Generation Envelope Classic Secha - Ceylon Gunpowder - Truffle Mate - Fruity Puerh

This week, I am focusing on the four non-black teas included in the September Tea Taxi subscription envelope.  It included two simple green teas, a pu-erh and mate tea as well as six black teas.  You can read about the first three black teas I tried here and come back next week to see my […]

Tea Taxi’s Tea Generation Envelope Review – Part 1 – Night Themed Teas

Tea Taxi Generation Envelope Night Theme Teas

As I mentioned last week, I will be reviewing the ten teas from the September Tea Taxi Generation Envelope over the rest of the month and today I am sharing three black teas that all have a night themed name. The September Tea Taxi Generation Envelope contained six black teas, a pu-erh, a mate and […]

Introducing Tea Taxi’s Tea Generation Subscription

Tea Taxi Tea Generation Envelope tea Subscription Canada

There is a new tea subscription in town and I think you will love this one.  It may not be the cheapest around but instead of getting just 3-4 teas you may not love and having a bag full, you get ten samples of curated teas from Tea Taxi to try out each month.  If […]