31 Day Challenge – Days 1 – 4 #31DC2016

Days 1 through 4 of the #31DC2016 31 Day Challenge hosted by Chalkboard Nails

I had planned on participating in #31DC2016 but somehow September just crept up on me and before I realized it, it was the 3rd and I had not done any of them.  Not giving up, I spent my day playing with nail polishes and making a huge mess.  Since I am behind, I cheated a little and rolled days 2 and 3 of #31SC2016 into one day.  I figured it was better than just skipping one completely and well, three looks in a day is enough.

#31DC2016 Day 1 – Red Nails

#31DC2016 Day 1 - Red prompt using Rimmel Hot Gossip and Mundo de Unas Black

I actually really liked this and had I not had to do two-three more looks, would have kept it for a few days.  Base colour is Rimmel Salon Pro in 325 Hot Gossip.  Stamped with Mundo de Unas Black using Pueen Geo Lover 02 plate and Born Pretty’s large clear jelly stamper.  The red is great and this is just one coat!  But it does bleed into the cuticles and can stain so be careful when applying.

#31DC2016 Day 2 & 3 – Orange & Yellow Nailart

Citrus Nails Avon Limoncello Essie Roarrange for Days 2 & 3 of #31DC2016

The Pueen set also includes a butterfly/citrus fruit mixed stamp image that I used for a collab day of days 1 and 2 of #31DC2016.  Using a base of three coats Avon’s Gel Finish in Limoncello, I stamped over it with Pueen’s Nature Lover 02 using  Essie Roarrange.  The three coats is the reason that I could not be bothered with orange nails for day 2 (maybe I should have done them in order, but was still thinking about what to do for orange).  It is a nice, bright and shiny yellow through.

#31DC2016 Day 4 – Green Nailart

#31DC2016 Day 4 - Green nailart using Zoya Meg and Mundo de Unas Joy

#31DC2016 Day 4 - Green nailart using Zoya Meg and Mundo de Unas Joy

For day 4 of the #31DC2016 challenge, I started with a base of Zoya Meg, a light metallic green and stamped over it with Mundo de Unas Joy using Pueen’s Fancy Lover 02 (yes, I was lazy and just used my Pueen Love Box 02 for all three looks).  Meg was opaque in two coats but had some brush strokes so I evened it out with a second coat.  Mundo de Unas Joy tends to be fussy and this look was no different.  My clear stampers do not pick it up well and it tends to smudge a little compared to other MdU stamping polishes.

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