New Garden to Cup Teas From DavidsTea for August

davidstea garden to cup collection august 2016

DavidsTea Garden To Cup collection Davids Tea Review - Royal White Peony, Sakura Cherry, Mao Jian Jade, Supreme Pekoe

After many fruity or sweet teas for the summer, DavidsTea released four new teas today that cater to those of us who love a more basic tea.  I have heard that this is called Garden to Cup but my Tea Guide said it doesn’t seem to have a special collection but is limited edition and when they are gone, they are gone.  I was in the store less than 15 minutes after they opened and these seem popular already so if you want to try them, go soon or order online.  I will have full reviews soon, but for those wondering what the new releases are like:

DAVIDsTEA Royal White Peony

DavidsTea Royal White Peony Davids Tea Review - Garden To Cup Collection

Royal White Peony is the most expensive of the four new teas at $14.98 per 50g but a little goes a long way.  The leaves are long and light and my perfect spoon had just 2.4g of tea.  It promises a cool, delicate white tea from Fujian, with fresh notes of garden-picked snow peas.  I haven’t tried this one yet but my Tea Guide says it is her favourite white tea and once I agree we can start a petition to make it permanent.

DAVIDsTEA Sakura Cherry

DavidsTea Sakura Cherry Davids Tea Review - Garden To Cup Collection

A delicious mix of green tea and cherry made Sakura Cherry love at first sip for me.  Plus it has cornflower petals and I am a sucker for cornflower petals in my tea.  DAVIDsTEA promises this one will taste like a picnic in the park with this luxurious mix of Sencha green tea and fresh cherries.  Don’t oversteep it though or the cherry is not as noticeable.  While priced cheaper than Royal White Peony, with 4.2g in my perfect spoon at $11.98 per 50g, this one is the priciest per cup.

DAVIDsTEA Mao Jian Jade

DavidsTea Mao Jian Jade Davids Tea Review - Garden To Cup Collection

Mao Jian Jade has a slightly sweet scent for a green tea.  According to DAVIDsTEA, the name “Mao Jian” means “Downy Tip,” referring to the little hairs found on the young, fresh tea leaves and the thin, needle-like shape of the roll.  This pan-fired green tea from China brews up sweet, vegetal and complex and is priced at $9.98 per 50g with 3.5g in my perfect spoon.

DAVIDsTEA Supreme Pekoe

DavidsTea Supreme Pekoe Davids Tea Review - - Garden To Cup Collection

I do love a good black tea and Supreme Pekoe has a slightly malty but sweet taste.  At $7.98 per 50g with 4.1g in my perfect spoon, this is the cheapest of the new teas.  According to DavidsTea, this ethically sourced pekoe brews up rich, malty and bold, with graham cracker notes.

Full reviews of these coming soon!  Have you tried any of them yet?  What did you think of them?

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