DAVIDsTEA Cardamom French Toast Tea

Cardamom French Toast DavidsTea Review - Loose

Cardamom French Toast DavidsTea Review - Loose

A plate full of french toast with bacon and syrup just screams winter, but is hardly healthy.  Like my chocolate fix from tea, I have found a way to enjoy this delicious french toast breakfast in tea form.  DAVIDsTEA Cardamom French Toast gives you some of the taste of that dream breakfast any time of the day.

Cardamom French Toast DavidsTea Review - French Toast

DAVIDsTEA Cardamom French Toast tea is made with black tea, cardamom, cane sugar and cinnamon.  This gives it a sweet, rich, satisfying flavour without all of the calories.  You don’t get the bacon, but that sweet syrup is there!

Typically teas that are supposed to taste like baked goods just don’t.  I have tried some terrible muffin themed teas and a French Toast Chai that is probably the worst tea I have ever tasted, so when I received Cardamom French Toast in my 24 days of teas, it was not a must try for me.

Cardamom French Toast DavidsTea Review

The first taste of it is a slightly spicy but sweet black tea.  You don’t get that french toast taste at the first sip.  The aftertaste though leaves your mouth feeling like you really did just take a bite of some buttery cardamom french toast.  It is sweet and the cardamom is not overpowering (but you do have to give the tea a shake to mix up the cardamom pods or you will get some cups with lots and others with little to none).

Cardamom French Toast DavidsTea Review

Cardamom French Toast Steeping Instructions

  • 1.25 tsp per 8oz
  • 96°C / 204°F (Mine boils to 93°C /200°F so that is what taste tested)
  • 4-7 min

You do need to steep this for about 5 minutes to get the full taste of the tea.  It is pretty bland if not steeped for long enough.  It is sweet enough for me alone as there is noticeable sugar cane in the loose tea and I generally do not add a sweetener.  It also makes an amazing latte!

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  1. […] it gives it a slight muffin flavour, it is less baked goods tasting than the bready flavour of Cardamom French Toast.  It smells more muffin-y than it tastes which I think makes you find the muffin flavour in […]

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