Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate Review

Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate Review

Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate Review

Despite the description, Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate is not made for your bath, unless you soak your feet in your bathtub that is.  Gehwol specialize in spa quality foot care products you can use at home and have been around since 1978 in Europe and now you can buy them through Nail Polish Canada.

It is summer and I don’t know about you, but my feet need constant TLC if I am going to show my tootsies in sandals and flip flops.  I try to keep on top of my pedicures while I am showing my toes and a relaxing foot soak is part of that.  I am not going to lie to you, this is not your frou frou fruity scented foot soak that just smells nice but doesn’t do a lot.  Gehwol means business with their products with high quality ingredients plus essential oils and herbal extracts.  Gehwol Fusskraft’s Warming Bath Concentrate is made with Oil of Rosemary along with vitamin E + B complex and extract of paprika.  The rosemary scent is pretty strong, it even comes with a warning for those with asthma – something to be aware of if you are scent-sensitive.  I will be keeping a bottle around in winter too – between the warming properties and clearing the sinuses, you can’t go wrong.

Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate Soak Review

Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate 150ml $33

To use, you simply add a tablespoon of the amber liquid to your warm water.  The active ingredients in the Warming Bath Concentrate are quickly absorbed by the skin to give a long-lasting warming feeling of the feet and stimulate the metabolism. The added emollients prevent the skin from losing moisture and maintain elasticity – making your feet look nice and smooth in those sandals.

While I use foot soaks for maintenance and because I enjoy a foot soak as part of my pedicure experience, he has the worst feet. Calloused, smelly and generally gross.   So to put Gehwol to the test, I made him give it a try too.  After being on his feet all day, he actually enjoys foot soaks and once he got over the fact that the smell of rosemary was not coming from a roast (seriously, it is 33C and you think I have the oven on to make a roast?) he was happy to try it out.  In a single use, his feet felt softer.  The callouses did not hurt as much when scrubbed and he loved the warming sensation that he found really relaxing.

Gehwol have several products for foot problems, so I might pick up their Med Salve or Fusskraft Blue Foot Vigour for him and the Mother of Pearl Foot Scrub for myself.  You can view the full selection of Gehwol products available from Nail Polish Canada here.

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