piCture pOlish Fall 2015 Swatches

piCture pOlish Fall 2015 blogger collab swatches & review Arabian, Rebelle, New York, Ornate

piCture pOlish Fall 2015 blogger collab swatches & review

As most of you will know, I love a little bling on my nails.  Why wear a plain old creme when you can have sparkles?  So when I got my paws on these new blogger collaboration polishes from piCture pOlish, I was in love.

If you are not familiar with piCture pOlish, they are an Australian brand available from Nail Polish Canada here.  Many of their polishes are made with major bloggers and this collection is no different.  I love purple and having two makes this piCture pOlish collection perfect for me, they are paired with a sparkly red and a peach neutral.

piCture pOlish Arabian

picture polish arabian npc bottle pic

Picture Polish Arabian Swatch Canada NPC 4

Picture Polish Arabian Swatch Canada NPC Red Polish

Didoline worked with piCture pOlish to create Never forget who you truly are… Arabian.  A beautiful crimson red with gold and holo sparkle,  It is impossible to capture how beautiful this is in person.  It changes a lot in various lights from a deep red to a more pink leaning bright red.

I find it hard to wear red polish, it brings out too much pink in my skintone and I have my dad’s voice in my head telling me “take that red polish off, you look like a hooker” which was a staple growing up with makeup or polish.  Arabian, however, is just stunning and I keep wanting to reapply it.  The holo microglitter is smooth and not instantly obvious until you look closer but makes it oh so wearable.

You get full opacity with just 2 coats and it removes like a dream, no soaking in acetone needed for the microglitter.

Zoya Nidhi Picture Polish Arabian Swatch

While the shimmer in Zoya Nidhi looks a little more gold than Arabian, there is very little difference on the nail,  Arabian has more holo shimmer which picks up more colours.

piCture pOlish Rebelle

picture polish rebelle npc bottle pic

picture polish rebelle npc swatch 2

Mary Monkett teamed up with piCture pOlish to make this perfect neutral.  My way or the highway Rebelle is a light peach with scattered silver leaning holo glitter. Again, the glitter is not in your face with this one but gives Rebelle some ooopf so it is not just a boring neutral while still being work appropriate.  It did bring out the pink in my skin, but not so much that it makes it unwearable but it would probably look great on tanned skin.

This was the only one of the four that required three coats, it was okay in two but needed the third for full opacity.  It dries smooth and like Arabian, removes easily.

piCture pOlish Ornate

picture polish ornate npc bottle pic

picture polish ornate npc swatch canada

picture polish ornate npc swatch canada

A Laquered Affair may have made my dream polish with Head turning royal adornment… Ornate.  This was the first one I tried when I received my polishes.  Between the purple, the glitter and shimmer, it was just calling my name!  Like Arabian, Ornate changes in various lights.  In the shade, it takes on a more blue darker hue while it is a beautiful purple in the light.  The gold hex glitter with the holo shimmer is amazing.

Unlike many polishes with hex glitter, the distribution when applying the polish is great.  I didn’t have to try and move hexes around which is good as it is fairly fast drying.  This was a little less shiny than I would have thought given all of the glitter so use a decent top coat.  I wore it with Essie’s gel setter and it looked great.

piCture pOlish New York

picture polish new york close bottle pics npc

In general, give me a purple and I will love it.  When I received these, I was all about Ornate but Color4Nails’ New York when applied is fast becoming a favourite too.  To give you an idea of the difference between Ornate and New York, here they are together, New York has a more pink hue and is more wearable without the hex glitter.

picture polish new york vs ornate bottle pics npc

picture polish new york swatch canada 2 NPC

picture polish new york swatch canada closeup NPC

The micro glitter in New York is just fabulous and removes so easily.  This needed two medium coats of polish for full opacity.

Buy piCture pOlish in Canada

These polishes and other piCture pOlish shades are available from Nail Polish Canada for $16 each with free shipping when you spend $25 or more.

Polishes were provided free of charge for review purposes but is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

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