Zoya Lake Swatches & Review

Zoya Lake Review and Swatches

Zoya Lake Swatches and Review

When I saw Zoya Lake in person, I knew I had to have it,  Lake appears almost grey in some light and more blue in others making it very wearable.  Zoya Lake is part of the 2016 Whispers collection which arrived in stores in early February.

When I saw the press release for this collection, I knew I wanted Lake, but as early swatches came out, it seemed much brighter so I held off ordering it until I saw it in person.  Thankfully, it was just a difference in skin tones and lighting as the colour was much like I expected from the press release and not the bright sky blue of some swatches.

Zoya Lake Review and Swatches

Zoya Lake Brush Bottle Review

This muted blue is great for someone starting out with pastels and lighter polishes.  It has enough colour that it does not suffer from that chalky white look of many polishes.  Zoya does an amazing job of this in all of their lighter polishes so are usually a safe bet when it comes to pastels.

It has a creme finish and decent opacity, the first coat is a little streaky but the second coat evens out perfectly.  Zoya doesn’t mess with their perfect brushes, so you know what to expect.  If you don’t own Zoya polishes, they have wider brushes than say essie that are round but flatten against the nail well.

In bright light, I could faintly see the nail line so you may want to add a third thin coat for full opacity but not unusual for lighter polishes.  In indoor light, it was not visible though, so if it doesn’t bother you, go with two coats but let them dry between applications to minimize streaking.

Zoya Lake with Zoya Kelly Gradient Nails

Shown here with a gradient of Zoya Lake and Zoya Kelly, you can see more of the blue tone in Lake when it picks up the blue around it.

Zoya ships to Canada, but you can buy from Nail Polish Canada with no international shipping costs.

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