Get a Perfect Pedicure at Home with Sensationail

Sensationail Perfect Pedicure at Home - Products

You know that saying about nail polish chipping when you sneeze but your pedicure lasting through a nuclear war? It is only ever true until you are in a rush to leave, slip on a pair of sandals and realize that your toe nail polish has chipped on several toes. While I change my nail […]

At Home Pedi Experience With 7th Heaven Sock Masques

7th Heaven Foot Spa Sock Masques and Flexitol Heel Magic - At Home Pedi

With all of the horror stories of bacteria from salon pedicures, especially ones with bubble spas, plus the cost, at home pedis have become my go to.  Not like I don’t know how to paint my toe nails.  I recently tried out some new products to add to my at home pedicure routine. My usual […]

Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate Review

Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate Review

Despite the description, Gehwol Fusskraft Warming Bath Concentrate is not made for your bath, unless you soak your feet in your bathtub that is.  Gehwol specialize in spa quality foot care products you can use at home and have been around since 1978 in Europe and now you can buy them through Nail Polish Canada. It […]

Keep Your Feet Cool With Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill

Avon Footworks Pineapple Chill Trio

After a day of moving, I am exhausted and my feet are killing me.  I have been walking up and down stairs with furniture, books, other belongings (and a lot of makeup) and just want to curl up and sleep for a week.  I know I will regret not taking care of the aches and […]

FeeTreat Pedi Foot Mask Booties By Look Beauty

FeeTreat Pedi Look Beauty - Packaging

As the nicer weather approaches. I am making an effort to get my feet ready for cute sandals and other shows that show the feet more than the boots I live in over the winter.  I have tried several of the Look Beauty masks so when I saw the FeeTreat ones on the clearance shelf, […]