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Tea Tag Tea Tuesday Faves

Tea Tag Tea Tuesday Fave Teas

A bit of a different type of post for Tea Tuesday this week since today is the last day for me to make sure everything is moved into the new place and the old place is clean etc.  So I decided to do a tea tag without being tagged, because enough people have tagged everyone who reads/watches to be tagged.

Hot or cold?  Iced tea is not as big in the UK as this side of the world so while I do enjoy a home brewed iced tea over pop, my heart lies with hot teas

Strong or weak? Strong, why put flavours in that you can’t taste?

Loose leaf or tea bags? A bit of both, loose teas get both expensive and time consuming plus my brain is not engaged during that first cuppa in the morning so throwing a bag in a mug is about all I can manage.

Do you buy your tea out or steep it at home? I buy the occasional steeped tea at Timmies and you have heard of my disasters with tea lattes at Starbucks but in general, I make it at home unless I know I will be near a Davids Tea store or I just really want a hot drink.  Now that I don’t commute into Toronto, I would say mostly at home.

Tea Tag Faves Davidstea Nepal Black, Hot Chocolate and PG Tips Brit Style Teas

Favourite cold tea?  Depends on the day, sometimes I just mix a couple, but anything citrussy from DavidsTea would be my go to.  At the moment I am all about Electric Lemonade.

Favourite hot tea? Again, depends on my mood.  For my morning cuppa, I buy either Yorkshire Gold or PG Tips from the British store (because Canadian teas are obviously not good enough despite living here for years) but I do love a good cup of Nepal Black from DavidsTea and Hot Chocolate tea for lattes.  Before anyone tries to tell me they make PG Tips over here, they do not taste the same and why are they over 15 years behind on the pyramid bags?

When do you like to drink your tea? From the second I wake up to a night time cuppa, there is no bad time for tea.  I do love curling up in the recliner with tea and a book on a rainy afternoon though.

What do you like in your tea? Milk, cream, sugar, etc?  Depends on the tea.  My morning bagged tea has a drop of milk and no sugar but for other teas, as they come or with a bit of honey or rock sugar if they need sweetening.

Teas Tag - Tea Tag Mugs

What is your favourite mug? I have several.  I am still mourning the death of my glass tea latte mug from DavidsTea (and they need to sell those again and I will keep asking until they do.  I love the big Share mug you have probably seen a bunch of times.  My blue steeper mug from Indigo (because books go with teas so it makes sense they would make a good mug) and my new Avon kitty colour changing mug.

What tea do you recommend? That depends what you like, but a recent one has been Davids Tea Read My Lips, I am telling everyone they need tea with candy lips in it or Birthday Cake because sprinkles and tea together is awesome.

Do you have a favourite brand of tea? I think it is clear from my weekly posts that Davids Tea is a fave.

Least favourite tea? I don’t really have a least favourite apart from when people make me tea with cheap tea bags.  I prefer black teas but that doesn’t mean I dislike others.  Anything with too much hibiscus would probably turn me off it though.

Tea Tag Fave Teas Snacks

Is there a particular snack you like to eat with your tea? Excuse me while I rant here, because my fave snack with tea also requires a trip to the British store.  Why is McVities not active in Canada and why does no one make a biscuit (yes I said biscuit not cookie and those little bread roll type things are not biscuits) like Rich Tea?  All the tea biscuits here are either crunchier or covered in sugar.  Notice the pack in various languages doesn’t mention cookies?

Have you always liked tea? I must get my mum to scan it or send me the photo, but there is a picture of me as a little kid with a bottle of warm milky tea.  Seemingly I had to have it and would not shut up until I had tea too when my mum and grandma were having a cup so I got my own way.

Tag three friends to do the Tea Tag: I am one of those I am not tagging people and forcing them to do tags people, but Jodi, Sarah, and Zoe may like to do it.

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  1. omg that kitty mug is adorable! I really need to make a jug of electric lemonade, it’s such a tasty cold tea!

    1. It turns into animal print when you pour hot drinks into it too

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