Hard Candy Jingle Nails Swatches – Pinks, Reds & Purples

Hard Candy Jingle Nails Set - All Polishes - 2016 Set

I already shared some of the nail polishes from the 2016 Hard Candy Jingle Nails set, here are the rest.  My first post covered the basics, neutrals and blues, today I have the other 10 shades.  They range from a light pink to a dark red with purples, pinks and everything in between.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails Set

The Hard Candy Jingle Nails Christmas 2016 set is still available at  Walmart stores and includes 19 polishes for $19.97 in a bucket storage holder.  They are minis but have a fair amount of polish in them and great brushes for minis.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails – Pinks and Reds

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Pinks and Reds Swatches

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Pinks and Reds Swatches

The pinks and reds included in the set vary from a very light “bridal pink” to a dark red jelly polish.  There are two medium pinks that are surprisingly similar, if not the same included in the set.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Pinks and Reds Swatches - Lights

The lightest of the pinks has great opacity, complete coverage in two coats and a smooth finish.  You can see here how similar the other two polishes are.  One seems slightly lighter but they both have the same finish that suffers from brush strokes.  The opacity on them is good however and the second one worked much better when I let the first coat dry completely before adding a second coat.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Pinks and Reds Swatches - Darks

The glittery pink is one of my favourites, it has a slight silvery pink shimmer to it and is opaque in two coats.  It has a shiny finish so you can use any top coat with it and it didn’t dull the look.

The darker of the reds looks much darker in the bottle but is a jelly and required three coats for opacity.  I have worn it since and there is still some visible nail line with three coats so a nude base helps.  The other has a surprisingly smooth finish for a more affordable polish and is this opaque in just one coat!

Hard Candy Jingle Nails – Purples (Plus a Bonus Blue)

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Blurpless Swatches

I am a sucker for purple polishes so these have got a fair bit of use.  There is a blue that looks much darker in the bottle along with a more red polish with a blue shimmer plus two purples.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Blurples Swatches - Blue amd Red

The red polish is a light burgundy with a purple blue shimmer.  It is completely opaque in two coats and has a smooth finish.  The shimmer did require an extra swipe with acetone to remove but no scrubbing.

The blue is a jelly and quite sheer but builds beautifully to a bright “true blue” and I intend to use it for a jelly sandwich snowflake mani at some point.  Shown here with three fairly thick coats, so some dry time is needed.  You could probably get the same look with four regular coats and less dry time.

Hard Candy Jingle Nails - Blurples Swatches - Purples

The purples are both stunning.  One has a touch more red while the other is more blue.  While they both have some shimmer, the more blue one has more and a silver shimmer similar to the pink above.  The more red purple has a more metallic finish and removes more easily.  Both have great opacity and full coverage in two coats.

Now that you have seen all 19 polishes, which is your fave?

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