A Moment of Zen With DavidsTea

Davids Tea A Moment of Zen Tea Loose

Davids Tea A Moment of Zen Tea Loose

Moving has been stressful.  The cats hid for a few days, refusing to eat.  Stuff I am sure was in certain boxes was suddenly not (and I don’t believe for a second that kitchen stuff was packed with bedroom stuff so someone moved it) and despite trying to get the new place ready before moving, we still found little things that had to be done or touched up.  Like the oven I never cleaned because the top was spotless, turned it on to pre-heat and set off the fire alarm!  Needless to say, I was in need of a calming cup of tea (since it was too early to drink a bottle of wine).

DavidsTea’s A Moment of Zen was one of the teas I packed in my “first few days” bag knowing that stuff may not get unpacked right away.  Partly because it is one of the few green teas he will drink since it is fruitier rather than earthier tasting and I am a sucker for jasmine green teas.

Davids Tea A Moment of Zen Tea

DAVIDsTEA A Moment of Zen

Ingredients: Green tea scented with jasmine, blackberries, mallow blossoms, cornflower blossoms, natural blackberry flavouring.

Steeping Instructions: 1-2 perfect spoons per 16oz hot water (75℃ – 80℃) – steep for 3-5 minutes

The berry flavour is very evident after three minutes, but it tends to overpower the jasmine if you steep A Moment of Zen for too long.  The jasmine is more of an aftertaste rather than evident at the first sip but still leaves you with that calming jasmine green tea feeling.  Plus just the sight of cornflower in my tea will make me smile.  It is nice that it is blackberry too as I have been drinking a number of blueberry teas recently and it makes a nice change, slightly tarter without overpowering the green tea in A Moment of Zen.

Sadly, this one is in Fond Farewells on the DAVIDsTEA website, so the few cups I have left will be my last.

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  1. Looks really lovely! Moving can be stressful for sure. I wish you the best with settling in. Lovely blog post. 🙂

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