Revlon Holographic Pearls Transforming Effects

Revlon Holographic Pearls over Quo Ampd

Revlon Holographic Pearls over Quo Ampd

I was torn over choosing a polish for the alphabet nail challenge today.  I have a couple of polishes that start with H but with the exception of Zoya Hazel which I have used a number of times on the blog and defeats the purpose of trying new polishes and blogging others from my collection.  So I decided to go with Revlon’s Holographic Pearl Transforming Effects instead.

Revlon Holographic Pearls and Sinful Colors Hottie Bottles

I actually picked up a new polish from Dollarama this week meaning to use it for this, but Sinful Colors Hottie is much more sheer than it appeared and the thought of doing four plus coats of it was too much.  So I used it as an accent nail instead.  Both Revlon Holographic Pearls and Sinful Colors Hottie can be used as effect coats or are buildable to wear alone.

Revlon Holographic Pearls Worn Alone

Revlon Holographic Pearls and Sinful Colors Hottie Swatches

At four coats, Sinful Colours still has a visible nail line so for me it will always be more of a top coat than truly buildable.  A polish would have to be pretty special for me to wait for five coats to dry and Hottie really isn’t.  It does look great over darker polishes though.  Revlon’s Holographic Pearls however is almost opaque in two coats and you actually have to watch how much you use when using as a effect coat or it will cover the base colour.  Shown here with three coats of Holographic Pearls, four coats of Hottie and top coat on all nails in direct sunlight.

Revlon Holographic Pearls as an Effect Top Coat

Revlon Holographic Pearls over Quo Ampd Shade

Revlon Holographic Pearls over Quo Ampd

Shown here with one coat of Revlon Holographic Pearls over Quo by Orly Amp’d polishes in Rooftop Lounge (which you would have seen in my recent post about fixing my nails and cuticles after moving day) and an accent nail of Who You Know.  I like that this still has a decent effect in shade, while the holo doesn’t show, it still gives the polishes a nice sparkly look.

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11 Replies to “Revlon Holographic Pearls Transforming Effects”

  1. WOAH That’s crazy sparkly! That’s almost better than Fairy Dust.

    1. It is a bit more concentrated and Sparkly than Fairy Dust. Once I unpack my older polishes, I will do a comparison

      1. Yes!! I want to see a comparison! I’ve been debating about Fairy Dust, but this looks amazing!

  2. Too bad Hottie wasn’t what you expected, but I’m sure it’ll do great as an effect topper!

  3. I have never seen the pearls IRL. They look sparkly though.

  4. You make me want to use my holographic pearls now…I don’t use it enough.

  5. Ooooh that is a beautiful and perfect sparkle! 🙂

  6. It stinks that it was so sheer but this turned out so sparkly and pretty! I love that revlon topcoat

  7. I’ve never seen that Revlon, it looks so pretty! I wonder if it’s an old or very new shade?

    1. Came out for Christmas 2014 but I don’t see it a lot in stores

  8. Love love love!!!! I didn’t know revlon made a holo polish, good to know

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