Drugstore Faves – My Makeup Until I Move

Drugstore Faves

Drugstore Faves

Moving is a pain in the *** and since I already broke my fave blush trying to work around the boxes that are in my office, I decided to pack up my makeup carefully in advance of the move.  This means I had to pick what was staying with me to last the next two weeks (or longer if it takes me a while to find my makeup in the unpacking).

Obviously, I have some higher end stuff in my stash for the next few weeks, but I wanted to share the affordable stuff that I use all the time.  So here are the drugstore faves I will be using for the next few weeks.

Drugstore Faves for the Face

Drugstore Faves Face

Maybelline’s Baby Skin is a great primer and fills in the pores well.  Since the majority of my days are packing and cleaning and other move related things rather than anything fun, I didn’t keep the rest of my primers out.

Almay’s TLC doesn’t get the credit it deserves from beauty bloggers although some of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers mentioned it recently.  This creamy formula lasts.  I mean I scrubbed 4 rooms of walls and was a hot sweaty mess but my foundation still looked ok.  The shade range is fairly limited but Ivory works for me as long as I am not middle of the winter pale.

NYX Invincible in Porcelain was a last minute addition to the pile because it is the most pink toned of my foundations.  Like Almay, it can last and even applies well with the fingers but I got a little sunburnt in the whole 20 minutes I was out and needed something pinker than Almay so I looked less ghostly.

Drugstore Faves Marcelle Face Powder

I use Marcelle’s Face Powder daily so it was an easy choice.  This translucent powder keeps me matte for a good few hours and looks natural even when I add a little more to oily areas.

Drugstore Faves for the Eyes and Cheeks

Drugstore Faves Eyes and Cheeks

Annabelle Smokey Nudes was an easy choice.  It has a good range of colours with decent colour payoff and works for a daytime look or if I need a smokey eye at night.  I also kept my Smashbox On The Rocks palette if I need a little colour.

Rimmel ScandalEyes is a great white base to make colours pop.  This one has long lost the sticker with the colour but it is the only white one in the shadow stick line.  I do use an eyeshadow primer under this as it will stick to any fine lines on your eyes and make them really visible.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in Baby Doll was my Holy Grail.  I had hit pan a while back so a long time drugstore favourite but dropped it yesterday.  So it is going in the garbage and I have to dig through my boxes to find another blush as I only kept the one (that or a trip to Shoppers where they hopefully still have this shade).

Essence Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris is another Holy Grail for me.  Since it is super affordable, spend the extra on a decent brush as the Essence gel eyeliner brush is decent but not amazing.  This eyeliner is blackest black and can stand up to a day of moving!

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3 Replies to “Drugstore Faves – My Makeup Until I Move”

  1. My skin tone doesn’t suit Almay makeup or Marcelle powder I never could find a shade that suited me in the mine. But I do love the Annabelle shadows! 🙂

  2. I looove the essence gel liner! It’s so creamy and actually stays put on my eyelids which is amazing! I need to use the Annabelle palette more. I really like it but always forget about it!

    1. It really is amazing for the price, I have tried really expensive ones that are not as creamy, black or do not last
      If they did them in more colours I would rarely buy anything else

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