Zoya Edyta & Quo Bling It On

Zoya Edyta with Quo Bling It On

Zoya Edyta with Quo Bling It On

Wow, E already in the alphabet nails series.  Today I have a manicure with Zoya Edyta and Quo Bling It On.  Edyta is a polish that I have a love hate relationship with.  I love to wear it but hate photographing it because pictures never show its true beauty.  I also hate that it stains my nails if I wear it for a few days, even with two coats of base coat!

Zoya Edyta Bottle Colour Shift

Zoya describes Edyta as a complex mixture of gold, olive, blue-green and smoky grey with a sparkling metallic finish. A dark shade balanced with sparkle for a dramatic look.  You can see that shimmery goodness in the bottle.  As with most Zoya polishes, it has a flawless finish and is completely opaque in two coats with decent dry time.

Zoya Edyta with Quo Bling It On Bottles

A little shimmer is never enough for Alphabet Nails though, and just a swatch of Edyta that doesn’t show its true shimmering dark beauty wouldn’t be good enough.  So I sponged on some Bling It On! by Quo by Orly at the tips of my nails fading down the nail.  Bling It On is a mix of gold and silver glitter with some smaller shimmer in the clear base.  I have had this for a while so not sure if it is still available, but Quo is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart.

Zoya Edyta with Quo Bling It On Close

The sparkle helps show its true shimmering beauty with a green base and the blue in the base helps the silver glitter not seem too cold against the green and gold.  This one is worth a little nail staining!

So what do you think of Zoya Edyta?  Is it a colour you would wear?

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10 Replies to “Zoya Edyta & Quo Bling It On”

  1. your photos look so ethereal here!

    1. Thanks Nichole, I love this colour but due to staining and it being a little weird, I just don’t wear it enough

  2. Edyta looks so gorgeous!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I can see it would not really be an everyday wear sort of color – but it would be perfect for a night look! It’s too bad it stains tho

  4. This pairing is so elegant! It’s subtle, but just enough. Beautiful!

  5. Despite the stains I now feel like I need Edyta! It looks so good on you, too!

  6. Glitter gradients are the best! I love the combo of these two polishes.

  7. Edyta is beautiful!!!

  8. This is so pretty. Staining polishes are horrible, but it’s so pretty, it’s almost bearable.

  9. Oye
    Came across this trying to find a restock for Bling It On. I’ve had mine since 2015? Wonder if Quo will ever bring it back… I only ever saw it in a mini size as part of a 10 gift pack, but didn’t feel up to spending $20 to get one small vial

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