Maybelline Color Show Nail Tattoos – Brooklyn Collection

Maybelline Color Show Brooklyn Nail Tattoo Swatches

Maybelline Color Show Brooklyn Nail Tattoos

I love browsing Dollarama for items that I have wanted to try but didn’t want to pay full price in case I didn’t like them or discontinued products that are hard to find.  I recently picked up a pack of the Brooklyn collection of Maybelline Color Show Nail Tattoos. I thought it would be worth trying them for $2.50 to see how well they apply.  The Brooklyn design is not my first choice, but you don’t get a lot of choice at Dollarama so…

Maybelline Color Show Brooklyn Nail Tattoo Swatches

Maybelline Color Show Brooklyn Nail Tattoo Swatches

On the fingers, they actually looks fairly decent.  The orange swirl design was harder to apply, it did not stick to the thumb nail well and I smudged the white polish under it a little, so let your base dry well.

These nail tattoos are similar to the Quo Love Note ones I tried a while back, you peel away the plastic backing leaving the paper side.  Then apply sticky side down (paper side up) and soak with a cotton ball until the paper slides off the nail tattoo.

You can cut them to size, they seem to go from very large to tiny with not many medium sized ones so the baby finger one was a little too small and I probably should have used a bigger one.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the designs for the small ones and the blue was the only smaller full finger design.

Once I waited for the polish on the other fingers to dry fully, they applied very easily.  Soak for about ten seconds and peel off the paper.  Where they are longer than the nail, they tear at the nail line easily without damaging the pattern at the tip but they are not very long so would not be great if you have long nails.

They lasted as long as my nail polish usually would, but had two generous coats of top coat sealing them.  Removal was easy and they come off with regular nail polish remover.  I don’t think Maybelline’s Nail Tattoos are still available, but I would definitely pick up other designs if I found them at Dollarama again.

Shown in natural indoor daylight over Sally Hansen Hansen Xtreme Wear in White Out as a base.

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  1. These are fun! I have this set of nail tattoos too because I really wanted to use that puppy dog head… If I can ever find them do you want to do twin nails with some of the other designs? 🙂

  2. I love the little sugar skulls!

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