Budget Friendly Nail Polish From Essence


There are some rare occasions that you will find me out without a bottle of nail polish in my purse for emergency touch-ups. Essence is my go to brand for an emergency nail polish buy.  Especially on occasions when I wore a non-professional coloured polish to work and have to change it up for something more work appropriate when going into a meeting.

At around $2 a bottle at Shoppers Drug Mart, you can’t beat the price and availability.  While the bottle is small ,how often do you really use a whole bottle?

They have a nice fat brush to evenly coat the nail in just a few strokes  and dry really quickly, 2 coats and under 10 minutes and I can go without worrying about smudging them.  The lighter colours tend to be a little streaky on the first coat which evens out with the second but the darks have amazing coverage.

My favourite Essence Colour & Go Shades:

Some of my favourite shades:

  • Grey-t To be Here:  Light grey with a slight shimmer
  • I’m The Boss: A dark grey with silver glitter
  • Love Me Cupcake: A light lilac leaning pink
  • Gorgeous Bling Bling: A brown red with gold flecks
  • Nude Glam in Cafe Ole or Iced Latte: Both nice neutral cremes, Cafe Ole is a touch darker

Non work shades:

  • Oh My Glitter: A light purple with pink shimmer
  • Chic Reloaded: A beautiful multi-toned dark blue/purple/green

Essence is fairly new to Canada but has been around in Europe for ages and is a favourite there.   It is more aimed at teens than adults but the neutrals especially are great if you want a quick manicure or don’t want to spend a lot on nail polish.  I personally like the more random Essence Colour & Go polishes because I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a colour I only use a few times (or once).

It will never beat the quality of Zoya or a gel manicure but for the price, you can’t go wrong!

Check out Shoppers Drug Mart’s Essence page here

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  1. Victoria Ess says: Reply

    I just discovered Essence nail polishes the other day, and I love them as a budget option for trying new colours!

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