Why I Choose Batiste Dark & Deep Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo Comparison Batiste Dark and Deep

I have really thick long hair and drying and straightening takes a while, so dry shampoo is a must-have in my life.  Anything that helps me go an extra day without my hair just being in a greasy top-knot has to be a good thing.  But not all dry shampoos are created equal and with dark hair, the white residue left behind by some is worse than the slightly greasy look I started with.

I have tried a number of dry shampoos over the years and while there are some regular formula ones I like, I always have a bottle of Batiste Dark & Deep Brown around.  While it will not colour your hair, the slightly darker residue is less obvious if left in your hair.  With most dry shampoos, you spray them in, leave it to absorb, massage your scalp and then brush out.  But not all of the residue brushes out, so a slight brown hue compared to bright white looks better on dark hair.


Dry Shampoo Comparison Batiste Colab Marc Anthony Canada

Part of our attempt to reduce the amount of belongings we are moving with us next month includes me reducing my stash.  So when a bottle of Batiste Dark & Deep Brown arrived from Chick Advisor despite a bottle on my desk and a second in the bathroom plus a handful of different types in my stash, he asked me “are they really that different”.  So I found a piece of brown card to show him they are and am sharing it with you.

Dry Shampoo Comparison Batiste Colab Marc Anthony Swatches Canada

Admittedly, you should never spray this close to your hair so the residue will not be this white.  Plus you would usually rub this in then brush it out where it is left as-is on the card.  Batiste’s Dark and Deep is noticeably darker than the original formulas of the other dry shampoos I own while Marc Anthony’s leaves less visible residue (it even has a second spray on there as I thought it didn’t work properly the first time).

So why do I choose Batiste Dark and Deep over the almost invisible Marc Anthony?  I actually don’t, I keep a bottle of Marc Anthony for on the go use, travelling etc where I may not have as many hair tools to really brush the Batiste out but I find that it just does not absorb as much oil as Batiste or Colab.

In the original formulas, Colab Sheer Invisible does leave less white residue and absorbs well, but the darker hue of Batiste Dark and Deep Brown and that beautiful sweet almost chocolatey scent makes it a favourite.

Which dry shampoo do you use?  Do you even use one?

Disclosure: I received Batiste along with Nair for a review on ChickAdvisor but this post is optional and as mentioned, Batiste is a staple in my home.

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6 Replies to “Why I Choose Batiste Dark & Deep Dry Shampoo”

  1. This is an interesting comparison. I’ve really only tried COLAB formulas, and the sheer invisible one is the one I always use and continue to rebuy.

    1. I do like Colab, but the huge bottle of batiste and price difference is a factor

  2. I really love Batiste dry shampoo but I’ve never tried the one for dark hair. I’ll have to take a look at that one! The Marc Anthony one sounds fantastic too though, I tend to really enjoy their products! Great review 🙂

    1. Thanks! I wish the Marc Anthony one worked better for my hair since they did an amazing job of not including ugly residue, but I guess that is what absorbs the oils so…

  3. Dry Shampoo is my favourite! I have a few in my bin but time and time again I repurchase Batiste’s “Blush” scented dry shampoo. I have very long hair and washing it is a bit of a pain haha.

    1. I am very tempted to chop mine all off for summer! Shoulder length maybe, this long hair thing is a pain

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