Easy St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Ideas

St Patricks Day Nail Art - Stamp Macro

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art - Flag

My Irish grandma would probably shudder at the cheesey-ness of Irish flags on my nails, she would let us wear green ribbons in our hair and remind us that we were Irish every day, not just on St. Patrick’s Day but any excuse for some nail art!

I have three simple nail art looks for you including some easy to apply shamrock nail decorations from Dollarama.

Irish Flag Themed St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art

  • Zoya Beatrix (Pixie Dust)
  • Zoya Logan (Glitter)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
  • Latex free sponge
  • Essence The Gel top coat

This look could be done with a vinyl guide for the white stripe rather than sponging a gradient, but Beatrix is very textured while Logan is not completely smooth and I hate having that big bump in the middle of my nail.

Paint your nails white and to save some time later, use a latex barrier around your cuticles.  Sponge on green, white and an orange toned gold – in that order.  Using a latex free sponge to apply glitter polishes cuts down on the amount of polish base you apply so the polish is not as thick and will dry more quickly.  Since it is still textured, you will need two coats of top coat to smooth it out.

St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art – Dollarama Shamrock Sticker Decorations

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art - Dollarama Stickers

On a recent trip to Dollarama, I noticed they had both fake nails (twelve nails in three designs so not a lot of size choice) and a pack of ten shamrock nail decorations.  Since I am not a fan of gluing on false nails, I do not have those for you but I did pick up a pack of the shamrocks.  They also had shamrocks and not 4-leaf clovers!

  • Misa Epiphany
  • Dollarama St. Patrick’s Day shamrock nail decorations with jewels
  • Essie Gel Setter top coat

These nail decorations are a bit of a pain, even trying to apply on wet top coat, they are a bit thick and lift at the edges.  You can push them down gently with a cuticle pusher but after a few hours, it caught on something and peeled away.  I ended up applying it with a nail art glue to keep it down, but it defeats the purpose of just picking up something at Dollarama because you do not have nail art tools etc.

St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art – Stamped Gradient Nails

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art - Stamp Gradient

I was hoping to go for a matte look for this but the gradient needed smoothing out so I ended up applying a shiny top coat and a flakie polish effect coat.  Not at all what I had in my mind and Verushka looks much darker on the stamped nail than the gradient.

  • Zoya Verushka (Matte Velvet)
  • Misa Epiphany (yes I am lazy and still had it on from the shamrock nail attempt)
  • Bundle Monster BM-H05 stamping plate
  • Zoya Opal
  • Moyou London White Knight stamping polish
  • Essie Gel Setter top coat

Sponge on a gradient using your gold and green polishes.  I originally tried the stamp over a gradient, but the white did not show well over the gold and my gold stamping polish has a different tone.

St. Patrick's Day Nail Art - Stamp Macro

For once, I wish my nails were wider so I could fit more of the mini shamrocks on the nail rather than place it slightly to the side.  Place your stamp to show as much as you can and apply top coat.

I then topped all of the nails with Zoya Opal effect coat and a shiny top coat – one coat was enough as none of the polishes are textured.

Most of these polishes as well as the stamp plate can be ordered at Nail Polish Canada.

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  1. You did a great job with the Irish flag and I’m loving your shamrock!

  2. nicolthepickle says: Reply

    I haven’t been to your blog in far too long. I love that orange polish and hi :).

    1. Tea & Nail Polish says: Reply

      it is nice for an orange polish, the gold glitter helps mute the OMG Orange

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