Tickled Tea Rum and Cola Tea Review

Tickled Tea Rum and Cola Tea Review

Tickled Tea Rum and Cola Tea Review

A non alcoholic Rum and Cola tea to warm you up on cooler fall nights, if they ever arrive!  Tickled Tea is a Canadian tea company based out of Alberta and you know I love to give the smaller indie companies some love.  So despite the cinnamon listed in this, I gave it a try expecting a more Rum and Cola taste.  It promises “Everybody’s favourite cocktail is now everyone’s favourite tea! A dark and soothing black tea with subtle hints of vanilla, citrus and butter rum.”

Tickled Tea Rum and Cola Tea Ingredients and Steeping Instructions

Tickled Tea Rum and Cola Tea Reviews

Ingredients: Black tea leaves, cinnamon bark, grated lemon and orange peels, nutmeg, artificial flavouring

Steeping Instructions: 1 rounded teaspoon (or Teavana Perfect Spoon) per 8oz water.  Steep in 212°F (boiling) water for 5 minutes

Tickled Tea Rum and Cola Tea Review - Brewed

Maybe I just got a batch of Tickled Tea Rum and Cola tea with a lot of cinnamon.  It can be an issue with sample packs as it is hard to get a perfect mix of ingredients in every pack.  Mine tasted a lot of cinnamon and very little of the vanilla, citrus and buttery rum promised.  As my other half says “like taking a mouthful of Michael’s at Christmas”.  He hates Michael’s once October hits!  He can’t understand what a craft store has that smells so strongly that it it is like walking through cinnamon cranberry soup (his words).

Tickled Tea Rum and Cola Tea Review - Colour

Tickled Tea Rum and Cola  brews to a clear amber, typical black tea colour.  The pieces and leaves are big enough that little made their way through an infuser  basket.  Sadly, neither of us liked this.  More personal preference on the cinnamon but it just doesn’t scream Rum and Cola to me.  Still loving Tickled Tea as a brand though, they have some great flavours and you can buy sample packs where you choose the teas included to try before buying larger bags.

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  1. oh that is too bad this one didn’t impress. I do agree that the sample sizes aren’t always the best for expressing the tea’s true flavour due to the small size. However I love your honesty and I just LOVE your blog!! 🙂

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