DavidsTea Cold & Sick Day Care Package

DavidsTea Sick Day Care Package

DavidsTea Sick Day Care Package

If you are feeling under the weather, the last thing you need is to go out to buy more tea.  DAVIDsTEA put together an ultimate sick day care package to help you through that cold or flu.  It costs $10 and includes expedited shipping so you get your paws on these goodies even sooner.

It comes in an envelope rather than a box, because who wants to go to the post office to pick up mail when they are sick?  Included in the Ultimate Sick Day Care Package is two sachets of Cold Zing, another two of Cold 911 and a pack of ten organic honey sticks with lemon. 

DavidsTea Cold 911

DavidsTea Sick Day Care Package Cold 911 Loose

DavidsTea Sick Day Care Package Cold 911 Ingredients

A pepperminty blend with apple and juniper berries with a decent amount of citrus.  Cold 911 is soothing but definitely has a kick.  This is not your regular peppermint tea which can overpower the other ingredients.  While the apple was not obvious, it has a woodsy taste to it, the cooling effect of eucalyptus and the citrus helps tone down the peppermint even more.  Without a honey stick, it tasted a but more like cold medicine, but is delicious once sweetened.  The lemon in the honey mixes so well with it.  Cold 911 would be a great tea for someone with a cold who usually would not reach for a peppermint tea but wants the benefits.

DavidsTea Cold Zing

DavidsTea Sick Day Care Package Cold Zing Loose

DavidsTea Sick Day Care Package Cold Zing Ingredients

My boyfriend’s reaction to Cold Zing made me laugh.  “I can buy you tea, you don’t have to make your own with a load of sticks from the yard.”  The lemongrass is a bit overpowering and you don’t taste as much of the orange and lime as I would personally like. This green tea also includes echinacea to help you get over your cold.  Cold Zing tastes a bit more medicinal compared to Cold 911 but smells like key lime pie with peppermint when steeped!  Like Cold 911, it benefited from a lemon honey stick and needed the sweetener. I rarely add sweetener to teas, so that is saying something.

While I cut open the sachets to have a good look at the teas, I love that they made these sachets rather than loose.  If you feel like crap, the last thing on your mind will be measuring tea and it is when I find myself reaching for tea bags.  The honey sticks are a nice touch.  While we always have honey at home, the sticks are mess free.  Just snip and use it as a stir stick.

This is currently unavailable at DAVIDsTEA but is a thoughtful gift.  Hopefully it makes a comeback after they sell all of their holiday/winter collection and we hit cold & flu season after Christmas.

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