Lipidol Facial Cleansing Oil & Overnight Oil

Lipdol Cleansing Oil and Overnight Oil

Lipdol Cleansing Oil and Overnight Oil

While I know lots of people who use cleansing oils, even with oily skin, I put of trying them because of that oily skin fear.  When an opportunity to try Lipidol Cleansing Oil and Overnight Oil came up through Chick Advisor’s product review club, I jumped at the chance.  If I was going to try them, may as well be for free in case I never use them again.

Lipidol is from the makers of Bio-Oil and that stuff is like liquid gold to me, so despite the affordable price tag for $8.97 at Walmart for all Lipidol products (they have the cleansing oil and overnight oils I will review here plus a shower oil, cleansing body oil and aftershave oil), I had fairly high expectations for how Lipidol would perform.

Lipidol Cleansing Oil

Lipidol Cleansing Oil Canada

Lipidol Cleansing Oil Instructions

Lipidol Cleansing Oil comes in a fairly blue no frills bottle.  Apply the cleansing oil to your dry face and it binds with dirt and makeup, then add water to make a milky emulsified cream and rinse off leaving your skin clean.  I find that oil does not rinse well alone so I often use my regular cleanser after but as a makeup remover, nothing beats Lipidol Cleansing Oil for removing waterproof eye products.

While it does not sting, you may get a film of oil over your eye leaving a milky view of the world, so rinse really well.  I usually go over my eyes with a cotton pad with warm water after rinsing as I try not to put my regular cleanser near my eyes.  The Body Shop’s Seaweed cleanser helps that oily t-zone but is not very eye friendly.

Lipidol Overnight Oil


Lipidol Overnight Oil Canada

Lipidol Overnight Oil Instructions

Sadly, my oily skin fears for the overnight oil did come true and Lipidol Overnight Oil left my t-zone very oily, but it did wonders for my cheeks and lip which are always really dry.  While it left my forehead oilier than usual, I did not experience any breakouts and within a few days of cleansing, the extra shine was gone, so if you are one of these people who get oily from a lack of moisturizing, it is worth trying.

Like many of my night skincare products, I do not use this every night as is gives a more intense blast of moisture.  A couple of times a week in plenty for me, but if you have drier skin, you may be fine with it every night.

These Lipidol products were received free of charge in return for a review on ChickAdvisor.  All comments/views are my own and you can read other reviews from the ChickAdvisor product review club here.

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