Mani Monday: Stamping With MoYou The Pro 6 Plate

Mani Monday MoYou The Pro Collection Plate 6

With the cold weather, I thought I would do a brighter mani to make me feel like it was closer to Spring.  I picked up MoYou London The Pro 06 from Trade Secrets before Christmas (heads up, their website shows The Pro XL 06 but they stock the regular 06 plate with smaller stamps).  i thought the plant/leaf type designs would be a nice change and a fresh bright look.

I used Zoya Logan over Essence Wild White Ways and Essence The Gel top coat for this mani monday look.

MoYou The Pro 06 Stamping Plate

MoYou The Pro 06 Stamping Messy Desk

Glisten & Glow’s Ctrl+Alt+Del makes for easier clean up and I used my Messy Mansion stamper as it has just the right amount of give for these plates.

Zoya Logan appeared more blue when stamped, but has a nice green/gold shimmer that is barely noticeable.  Far from the the deep green colour when applied normally but green enough to work with the leaf theme from the MoYou London The Pro 06 stamps.

I messed up on the index finger, it was slightly on an angle and the stamp is a little short for my nail.  The dots I tried to add smudged and made it look worse but I just left it because we are not perfect so…

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